Einstein's Theory Of Relativity Essay

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Today’s modern research is finally beginning to prove Einstein’s theory absolutely correct. Scientists from around the world have stated that Einstein’s interpretation of the expansion of the universe has evidenced right with “incredible accuracy” and is handling to support the scientists to conclude and comprehend the unfathomable hastening of the universe. Is Einstein’s Theory of relativity really all what it adds up to be? Does it really matter??

The most important discovery in Physics within the past 200 years is Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. This in fact plays small and major parts in the reason for many of the following happenings.
1. The Expanding Universe
2. The Big Bang Theory
3. Time Travel
4. Black Holes
5. Gravitational
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Special relativity came first and is based on the speed of light being constant for everyone. This was showed by experimental evidence that the speed of light did not alter as the earth spun around the sun. General Relativity simply supports the evidence that acceleration is found to distort the shape of time and space, and velocity and gravity affect time in different ways.
Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, which established the association between matter, space, time and gravity. However, when Einstein began to relate his theory to the “building” of the universe, he was discouraged to find that it anticipated either an “expanding or contracting universe”, which was rather completely mismatched with the usual view of a stationary universe.

In what Einstein later called; "The greatest blunder of my life," he added a term, Cosmological Constant to his equations that would make his calculations reliable and persistent with a stationary universe. The cosmological constant allowed for a repulsive energy throughout the

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