Albert Einstein

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  • Albert Einstein Biography

    Albert Einstein, born on March 19th of 1879, was thought to have had a mental disorder as a child. Little did everyone know he would grow up to be known as the most influential physicist of the 21st century. He was born into a Jewish family and spent most of his childhood in Munich, Germany, before moving to Pavia, Italy with his family. His parents worried about him throughout his infant and toddler years, mainly because he looked odd after birth, having a large, misshapen head and he did not begin to talk until the age of four. It was within the next year of Albert´s life, his family realized how intellectually inclined he was at the young age of five. Einstein hated high school because it was so strict, which led him to be rebellious, despite the fact that he was highly intelligent. Throughout Einstein 's life, he wrote many papers, developed theories, and went above and beyond in the scientific world, which led to him being considered the greatest physicist of the 20th century. Albert Einstein lived a long life and…

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  • Albert Einstein Accomplishments

    acknowledge Albert Einstein as one of the greatest physicists of all time. Even if they do not know specifically what he accomplished, they know his influence on the world is staggering. Despite many obstacles Einstein persevered and was able to create a prestigious reputation for himself although many doubted him. While many know he discovered brilliant things, few know about the fascinating life that led to all of his groundbreaking discoveries. Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879,…

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  • Why Is Albert Einstein A Hero?

    A genius, a scientist, a man who was ahead of his time, an alien? Many people don’t know much about Albert Einstein other than he was a crazy scientist with crazy hair, but he in fact also had some crazy ideas and theories that make life as we know it today make sense scientifically. He lived throughout a time of war and poverty, running from the military, and then later helping the US Navy build weapons to fight against his birthplace, Germany. Some of the things Albert Einstein discovered and…

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  • Influential Genius: Albert Einstein

    profound and influential geniuses of our time was Albert Einstein, a theoretical physicist who is credited with the development of the theory of relativity, which has become a monumentally influential development in the field of physics. This famous, nobel-prize winning scientist originated from rather humble beginnings. Einstein was born on March 14th, 1879 in Germany. His father was a engineer and salesman while his mother stayed at home with the children. The family business was…

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  • Albert Einstein Research Paper

    Albert Einstein is universally looked to as one of the most influential physicists of the 20th century, with his studies making a extensive impact on the understanding of the universe. He was born with a curious mind and strived to understand everything going on in the world around him as well as the world outside his perception. This drive lead him to develop theories that would enhanced the way scientists analyze the universe today, opening new avenues of discovery. Albert Einstein was born…

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  • Albert Einstein Photoelectric Effect

    Many people in the world don 't realize that one of the greatest minds had possible learning disabilities. Albert Einstein at a younger age was labeled as dull, dyslexic, even autistic or schizophrenic. However, he overcame these “labels” and became very famous for his scientific knowledge. When Einstein was 16 years old, he always wondered what it would be like to ride his bike on a beam of light, 10 years later he came up with a special theory of relativity, which lead him to find out that…

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  • Albert Einstein: Time Dilation

    Most people imagine time as a constant. Physicist Albert Einstein illustrated that time is an illusion that it is relative which it can differ for different observers depending on the speed through space. To Einstein, time is a fourth dimension and space is described as a three-dimensional field, which provides a traveler with coordinates such as length, height and width showing location. Time provides one more coordinate direction although conventionally, it only moves forward. Time…

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  • Albert Einstein Pacifism Analysis

    Albert Einstein’s Change of Heart: From Pacifism to the Atomic Bomb Beyond doubt, Albert Einstein is one of the most famous scientists of the 20th century. His name is the first one that comes to mind when one looks for genius. This is not without reason since we owe him most of what we know about space and time. Even though he usually appears with his smiling face, fluffy white hair and pipe in his photographs, when one looks deep into his eyes, it is striking to sense some sort of sorrow…

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  • How Did Albert Einstein Impact The World

    The mathematician that i pick was Albert Einstein March 14, 1879- April 18, 1955 . He was a very smart and intelligent man who had many great ideas that has had an impact on the world today. The reason i picked him is because although he had a slight disability, he was still very successful in life and was one of the most known people from the past. Not only was he wise in math, but he was also very wise in mathematics. Albert Einstein had a very different but unique personality and way of doing…

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  • How Did Albert Einstein Influence Astronomy

    Albert Einstein's influence on astronomy. Albert had a big influence on Astronomy. He started to study mathematics, he was lured toward calculus around 1891. Albert originally wanted to be a electrical engineer. But he failed to do pass an examination which would have allowed him to study for a diploma at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule in Zurich. He made a plan of graduating as a teacher in mathematics and physics. He got his PHD in 1905. He also created the theory of relativity. A…

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