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  • Essay On Personal Album

    As I got older, I realized that keeping records is a vital activity. It has always interested me, but I hadn 't put much thought into it until, one day, while I was cleaning the messy room in our house, I found a recipe book with a picture of my grandma. The picture had a great impact on me. It was during that time that I started to realize that leaving memories, pictures, and pieces of advice are really important if you don’t want to be forgotten. This is when I started to think, why not start a new personal album project? As i mentioned before, I had always think that keeping records like pictures, personal papers or diary is very important, but not much since last week. Everything started on Monday, April 1 2016. It happened…

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  • Album Cover Essay

    Extra Credit If I ever had an album cover like the beetles, I would make it very beautiful and decorated. I would also love to incorporate people on the front cover, which I believed were successful in impacting the world. Altogether, for me this would include big people such as Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, and Barack Obama, for many reasons. One of the big people that I would like to incorporate on my album cover would be Steve jobs. Jobs was a phenomenal individual that did reached great…

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  • Album Review: Help ! By The Beatles

    Album Review One For my first album review I decided to use the album Help! by The Beatles. I chose this because everybody has heard of the Beatles and this class has increased my interest in older rock music. I was embarrassed by the little I knew about great bands of rock history. I used this assignment as an excuse to force myself to really dive in to The Beatles. The Beatles started in England around the late 50’s as a band that played in taverns and bars to make ends meet. In the early…

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  • Comparing Black Album And White Teeth

    The Black Album and White Teeth are both set in the diverse society of London and have in common that the protagonists are teenager or young adults whose problems may in some ways correspond with the supposed reader/student of a language classroom. These fictional texts not only represent issues of non-belonging, stereotyping, and identity formation, they also have the quality to uncover, through their form, the multiplicity of meanings manifested within a text, owed to an absent authoritarian…

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  • Explanation Of The Album 'Fé' By Francisco Mela

    Francisco Mela, an invigorating Cuban-born drummer, percussionist, and composer, releases a powerful new album entitled “Fé” (faith), which works as a tribute to his late parents and a way of gratefulness toward the masters who believed in his capacities. He recorded it with his Crash Trio, which includes the Argentine pianist Leo Genovese and the American bassist Gerald Cannon. The master guitarist John Scofield appears on two tracks as a very special guest. “Ancestros”, a breathtaking tune…

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  • Billy Pepper Album Cover Analysis

    McCartney died, and put an article about it in his magazine. The news spread like fire in a gasoline factory and became one of the biggest conspiracies of its time. After Paul ended it all, the Beatles didn’t want to break the fans’ hearts. So they called up Billy Shears, Paul’s complete physical and vocal lookalike to take his place. Still to this day Billy Shears is “Paul McCartney” On the Album cover Abbey Road conspirators say it represented Paul’s funeral. John, in all white was the…

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  • Twenty One Pilots: Album Analysis

    Twenty One Pilots is an American duo from Columbus, Ohio. Tyler Joseph, vocalist, and Josh Dun, drummer, formed the band in 2009. On May 19th 2015, Twenty One Pilots’ fourth album “Blurryface” was released, which contained 14 songs. According to Joseph, “Blurryface” – the title of their album, is based on a character. During an interview with MTV, Tyler said, “It’s a guy that kind of represents all the things that I as an individual – but also everyone around me – am insecure about.” In…

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  • Analysis Of The White Album By Joan Didion

    The White Album The White Album by Joan Didion is a scrapbook of well-written and vividly detailed personal memories of Didion in the 60s. “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” Using this sentence as the opening to her essay establishes interest within the reader. Didion uses amazing imagery to describe her first hand experiences. The book is a collection of thoughts and themes that Didion explores throughout her life, by recording all her opinions and ideas. This book is an exploration…

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  • Listening To A Concert Analysis

    the album is based off of visuals in your head as of what is going on in the song, or how the story is being played out. The concert is about giving the fans a show, but artist also let fans join in on the songs while they sing it just to see how many people actually listen to the music that they have been putting out. You could anticipate similarities and differences when comparing an album and a concert, but would you really know how much would change or what would sound different in an arena…

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  • Tynisha Soares Research Paper

    and the group was all American girl group comparing four members. The four girls are Amy Correa, Melissa Tessmen, Tynisha Keli and Katy Scanlan. The Gyrlz society released their single, Double 'D' Mix, produced by Damon Jones in 2002. In 2003, the group album was cancelled and the group quickly disbanded. Tynisha knew that she was being part of the group was not her desire to be in a group she wanted to try is on her…

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