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  • Essay On The Alberta Tar Sands Disaster

    allows for many individuals to cause damaging effects such as the creation of the Alberta tar sands in order to economically benefit as mentioned. Currently, the world is already facing various threats such as climate change due to an increase in green house gasses and the tar sands only further contributes to this increase. The tar sands are responsible for approximately 8.5 per cent of Canada’s total greenhouse gas emissions (“Energy Alberta”, n.d). According to Weinhold (2011), “there are more than 1,400 known pollutants emitted by oil sands operations.”(p. 5). Although many individuals mention that they are working on monitoring emission problems such as odour being caused by the oil sands, others mention, “ it’s a learn-as-you-go scenario” (Weinhold, 2011, p. 6). With this regard, it is…

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  • Environmental Stewardship Essay

    Consequently, the world needs to take a significant leap to change their ways before it too late and thrive to become environmental stewards. Alberta oil sand is a prime example of how humans play a crucial role in the destruction of the environment. Alberta oil sand is one of the largest industrial projects in the world and mostly known as “the biggest environmental crime” in history. However, over the years there is been various debate concerning the Alberta oil sand and its effects on the…

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  • Aberhart: A Theoretical Analysis

    must get more involved in order to provide basic neccessities to its citizens. However, the extent to which Aberhart endorses these leftist beliefs is varried between sources. Some sources describe Aberhart as an extrimist who wanted to restrict citizens rights such as mobility and lead a revolt against the Canadian Government. Other sources prefer to show that his political ideologies were experimental, while his religious ideologies were extreme. The most radical element to Aberharts reign…

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  • Athabasca Sands

    The Athabasca oil sands, more commonly known as the Alberta tar sands, are large deposits of heavy crude oil in the North Easterly reaches of Alberta. According to Alberta Energy, the oil sands are the third largest crude oil reserves in the world. Only two countries, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, possess reserves greater than Canada (Alberta Energy, 2012). Arguably, the capital gained from exporting Athabasca bitumen or crude oil (a form of petroleum) promotes job and economic growth, and also…

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  • BP Oil Spill: Poem Analysis

    When assessing Burtynsky’s photography in relation to the BP oil spill, Lance Duerfahrd notes how Burtynsky’s photography encourages viewers “to become art historians” by way of “abstraction” (Duerfahrd 126). “Bitumen” also asks this of its readers by situating Burtynsky’s photography within the tradition of the sublime, while it also compels scrutiny of the “anaesthetics” and abstraction at work in Burtynsky’s OIL. In the following passage, the poem describes “Burtynsky’s drone helicopters” and…

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  • Wildlife Veterinarian

    which participates in a variety of conservation work in Alberta (Calgary Zoological Society, 2015 a). Wildlife Veterinarians Responsibilities and Challenges All Veterinarians A veterinarian’s key role…

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  • Globalization Of Oil In Canada

    There is oil in Canada and the government has noticed that, the government has put numerous implications to improve our exportation of oil. With the drop in the price of oil some provinces in Canada like Alberta will have a tough time rebuilding the lost revenue. It is estimated that alberta will lose up to “seven billion dollars” While the drop in oil prices is bad for somethings there are a few benefits that will come. Gas will be cheaper, and that will “save Canadians an estimated 10 billion…

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  • Professional Competence Analysis

    The professional competence of my practicum agency is very similar to the principles of CASW. SCI Alberta organization is achieving a great work in the area of professional competence practice in all sectors of their services. I have witnessed that their organization is contributing a great effort to encourage their staff to expand their professional competence by making available education, training, consultation, and supervision opportunities to expand their competence to deliver the highest…

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  • Westbrook Veterinary Clinic Research Paper

    Employment: Westbrook Veterinary Clinic Introduction As more money than ever before is spent keeping family pets healthy (Oliveira, 2014), and agricultural industries are increasingly contributing to Canada’s gross domestic product (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2015a), the role of veterinarians in society has never been more crucial. The purpose of this report is to inform individuals on the steps to become a veterinarian, what the profession entails, and the wide range of organizations,…

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  • The Great Depression Analysis

    Depression is most commonly examined as a global phenomenon, with historians trying to identify consistancies around the world, the patterns of history. I, however, would like to examine the Great Depression by taking an indepth look at the effects of the depression on Alberta. I will take a social history view of the causes, effects, and efforts to solve the issues of the Great Depression to analyze the social political influence of the event on the people of Alberta. Alberta responded to the…

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