Quantum mechanics

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  • Thermodynamics: Explain Two Key Ideas In Quantum Mechanics

    a) Explain 2 key ideas in quantum mechanics. Two of the key ideas involved in quantum mechanics are wave particle duality and the Observer effect. These two ideas have changed the way that scientists think about the world. Firstly, wave particle duality is the fact that every elementary particle exhibits the properties of both particles and waves. This idea started with Thomas Young’s 1803 double-slit experiment. With a ripple tank he showed how water waves interfere with each other, and then repeated that in the context of light as a wave. He still found the interference pattern. An interference pattern is the superposition, or overlapping, of two or more waves of the same or nearly the same frequency. Following this experiment, in 1922 de Broglie repeated this experiment, using electrons. When there were two slits, it was expected that the…

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  • Quantum Mechanics Research Paper

    called Quantum Mechanics. Quantum Mechanics is known as a branch of physic that analyzes the small.1 The small including atoms, protons, and wavelength. These are all qualities found in the smallest of objects. Quantum Mechanics helps analyzes the smaller things to help produce the bigger things, making it needed for the advancement in life. Quantum Mechanics has been around for a long time, and has been altered throughout the years. Quantum Mechanics was noticed first by Max Planck in 1900,…

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  • Quantum Mechanics Personal Statement

    I find that this cluster dives deeper into subjects that I have merely tasted, yet would like to get more in depth in. Quantum mechanics has always been a field I have admired because of how it sparks curiosity in my analytical side. Just as how I yearn to not just be able to utilize but to understand complex mathematical algorithms, I want to be able to know how quantum mechanics functions in our universe; this field plays a huge role in mankind’s scientific achievements. It is a field with…

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  • Transistor Essay

    Transistors control a large current flowing through a semiconductor with the use of a small current. The creation of transistors was made possible by the Pauli exclusion principle, which states that each electron has a unique set of quantum numbers, and only two electrons can occupy the same orbital. Knowledge of the exclusion principle allowed developers like Shockley, Van Vleck, and Bardeen to create the transistor with semiconductors, which also rely heavily on quantum mechanics (they only…

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  • The Evolution Of Atoms: The Billiard Ball Theory

    He developed the Electron Cloud Model in 1926 along with Werner Heisenberg. The Electron Cloud model is the most recent model of the atom. It is based on quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics are the use of the quantum theory as a means to studying the structure and behavior of atoms and molecules. The quantum theory is a theory in physics based on the principle that both matter and energy behave as both particles and waves, and that matter and energy are composed of tiny units of…

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  • Analysis Of The Quantum-Mechanical Model Of The Atom

    The Quantum-Mechanical Model of the Atom Introduction: The theory of quantum mechanics explains the behavior of the particles, such as photons (particles of light) and electrons, in the atomic and subatomic realms. Since the electrons of an atom determine many of its chemical and physical properties, quantum mechanics is foundational to understanding chemistry. Quantum-Mechanical Model- a model that explains the strange behavior of electrons Electromagnetic Radiation- a type of energy…

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  • Erwin Schrodinger: The Physics Of The Universe

    Erwin Schrödinger, an Austrian born chemist, gained his famed for his contributions to quantum mechanics. Some of his contributions to chemistry and quantum mechanics were his books describing his techniques and basic info behind his work, his paradox, Schrodinger’s cat, which created a lot of new discoveries in chemistry, and his equation that changed how many people viewed the atom and its electrons. At at young age, Schrodinger was strongly influenced by the philosophy of Austrian philosopher…

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  • Exodus Of Deutsche Physik Analysis

    The Decline of Deutsche Physik Contextual Analysis of the Exodus of German Physicists in the Early Twentieth Century “So we see that we cannot attach any absolute signification to the concept of simultaneity, but that two events which, viewed from a system of co-ordinates, are simultaneous, can no longer be looked upon as simultaneous events when envisaged from a system which is in motion relatively to that system” In 1905 German physicist Albert Einstein published the first paper of a new…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Multiverses

    if that was not necessarily true? What if there were multiple versions of our universe, each with their own version of you. That may be closer to the truth than we realize. Through quantum mechanics and cosmology, the concept of multiple universes may not just be a work of science fiction, but a science fact. Not all scientists believe that trying to determine if we live in a multiverse is a valid scientific inquiry. However, there are those that do believe that we live in a multiverse, and work…

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  • Albert Einstein's Firewall Paradox

    General relativity is fundamentally incompatible with quantum mechanics- they have been at odds with each other since its discovery in 1915- relativity breaks down at the subatomic level and vice versa. A conjecture by two physicists may finally reconcile relativity with quantum mechanics and put an end to the chain of inconsistencies began by Hawking’s information paradox. Albert Einstein first discussed the concept of quantum entanglement in a 1935 paper co-written with his colleagues Boris…

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