The Evolution Of Atoms: The Billiard Ball Theory

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Atoms are very,very small. They couldn’t have been seen until 1981 with the invention of scanning tunneling microscopes. But the ideas go all the way back to ancient Greece. The beginning of the atom start around 450 B.C. with a Greek philosopher named Democritus. Democritus and a younger contemporary of Socrates. He was born in Abdera in 460 B.C. His teacher was Leucippus. Democritus was known as the laughing philosopher because he really understood cheerfulness. He stated that all things were made up of tiny little things which he called “atomos: which is Greek for “uncuttable” and everything is made up of these. Then around 1800 John Dalton brought up. He did many experiments and concluded that gases must consist of tiny particles in constant …show more content…
He is usually famous for his help in color blindness but, in 1803 he created the billiard ball model. John Dalton's theory of atoms The Billiard Ball Model All matter is made up of tiny, indivisible particles called atoms All atoms of an element are identical Atoms are rearranged to form new substances in chemical reactions, but they are never created or destroyed Atoms of different elements.That model had five main points which included atoms made up all matter, cannot be created nor destroyed, can be told apart by their weights, when combine they will react, and of different elements form compounds in whole number ratios. His experiment started around 1803 and went to 1808. His model suggested that atoms are the smallest particle of an element, that atoms of different elements have different masses, and that they are solid, indestructible units kind of like billiards ball. Dalton also came up with some very important things to know about atoms and how they combine. All matter can’t be made or destroyed, All atoms of a given element are the same, Compounds form when two or more different types of atoms bond chemically, and they do this is predictable, fixed ratios, and Atoms are not destroyed during chemical reactions they’re just rearranged. Dalton spent a lot of time in his lab observing various chemical reactions. By looking at how things reacted and recombined to form new substances, Dalton …show more content…
He developed the Electron Cloud Model in 1926 along with Werner Heisenberg. The Electron Cloud model is the most recent model of the atom. It is based on quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics are the use of the quantum theory as a means to studying the structure and behavior of atoms and molecules. The quantum theory is a theory in physics based on the principle that both matter and energy behave as both particles and waves, and that matter and energy are composed of tiny units of electromagnetic energy called quanta.
The electron cloud model and the quantum mechanics model are two different models talking about what the model looks like. They are both based on quantum mechanics. They both also involve a central location of protons and neutrons called the nucleus. But the quantum mechanics shows the electrons orbiting around the nucleus. The electron cloud shows the electrons more spread out like a cloud and they have no definite pattern they spread and move freely, like a cloud.
Learning about the atomic theory is very, very important. They help us imagine the inside of an atoms and molecules. It's important to know this so we understand how people come up with the present concept of the atom. Also, it helps us learn how quantum mechanics came to

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