Albert Einstein's Creation Of The Atomic Bomb

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On the eleventh of October 1939 the President Franklin Delano Roosevelt received a letter from the one and only Albert Einstein, which Albert Einstein had actually wrote on August 2 1939. The letter mentioned of a new field of physics that was showing that the element uranium could undergo nuclear fission, with the resultant release of a remarkable deal of energy. Ever since the Greek man named Democritus stated in the year of 450 B.C. that everything in existence is made of atoms, ever since then scientist have been working to figure out what an atom is exactly. Einstein described the probability that a nuclear reaction could be produced and the possibility of the construction of overpowered nukes that would devastate and demolish …show more content…
Recognizing that the scientist would need more land for the development of a new weapon
Leslie Groves purchased a little over 59,000 acres of land in Northeastern Tennessee in
September 1942 which was called “Site X”. It was the first of many big land purchases that he would make to see this project finished to the end. Making the bomb was neither fast nor simple, every step created more unanswered questions and very challenging problems for the scientists.
The first test site that the bomb was exploded on July 16, 1945 was named Trinity Test Site. The atomic explosion got so hot that it melted the sand below it into a form of glassy shard crust.
They made this site accessible for historical needs, but after they bulldozed the mildly radioactive layer of topsoil and covered it with more earth. At one of the sites was stored a tank named “Jumbo” in which the rare plutonium was stored to keep it from exploding by the TNT.
When the scientist were confident that the bomb design would work well and they did not need
Jumbo, they place Jumbo 800 yards away from the ground zero at the Trinity Test Site. It survived the explosion in tact with no issue. The most important and influential product of
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Ever since the atom bomb was dropped scientist have been exploring different ways to make different forms of bombs like this such as the bunker buster or the carpet bomb, both which have extremely large killing power and a ridiculously large blast radius. The atom bomb worked by creating a nuclear chain reaction which releases a huge amount of killer energy. One of these bombs is said to be a billion times stronger than TNT which seems absolutely insane. These bombs, including the hydrogen bomb are considered to be the most powerful weapons in the whole world since they were created. Bombs like these can destroy whole cities or more, but luckily only two have been detonated in history. Now today there are many countries who proudly state that they own themselves some of these nuclear weapons such as the United States of America, Russia, India, France, and even Pakistan has nuclear weapons of destruction. It is said that there is enough nuclear warheads on Earth to wipe out the entire human race several times over again. With this said, there does not need to be another nuclear gift dropped or launched anywhere else in the world or it could trigger the end

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