How Stars Are Made Of Stars Essay

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Scientists believe that stars are made of mostly gas, and this gas is made up of many atoms. In the star, the atoms in the gas bang into each other and give off different light depending on the type of atoms. This light from stars enables scientists to figure out the type and amount of atoms they are made of. Knowing the composition of the stars, we can guess how they were formed. Therefore we can see that stars are just atoms (hydrogen) hitting each other producing light. Scientists know what stars are made of through the use of the atomic model, spectral lines and quantum mechanics.

The atomic model is critical to understand what stars are made of. Matter is comprised of atoms, which are particles made up of electrons, protons and neutrons. Protons and neutrons are located in the nucleus (center of atom) and electrons revolve around the nucleus. Electromagnetism is the force that makes two things with charge attract; it also makes the electron orbit around the nucleus and keeps it moving at a certain distance from the center. In an atom, the positively charged protons attract the negatively charged electrons and form different atoms. The type of atom made depends on the number of protons that it has.
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This theory says that in order for an electron to orbit the nucleus of an atom, the number of wavelengths that it takes to get around must be quantized; meaning an integer number. Atoms have different energy states each with a specific energy. Photons (basic units of light) interact with electrons by giving or taking away energy. A photon with correct energy and wavelength hits an atom’s electrons, allowing the electrons to jump to a higher energy states which makes the electron “excited”. When a photon is emitted the atom drops to a lower energy state because without the energy of the photon, the electron becomes

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