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  • Arcea Quarantine Research Paper

    “‘Quarantine’? What does that mean?” Piccolino Margheri asked, staring at the newspaper article he had just pulled out of his school bag, smuggled from his father that morning. The front page was headlined: ‘Arcea Quarantined! Fifteen Contract the Bern River Virus in Two Weeks!’ “It means that the Prime Minister of Monora has issued the complete isolation of Arcea to prevent the spread of the Bern River Virus. They believe it will spread if it’s not contained,” Piccolino’s classmate, Maylene Lagorio, had read the paper before coming to school. “No one can enter or exit the quarantined area?” “No one other than the members of the Board of Medical Research and Quarantine and Inspection Services and the people who bring us food and water,”…

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  • Specialized Hospitals: Quarantine Practices

    implementation of various quarantine practices led to the requirement for regulation of these policies and necessitated the formation of the first specialized hospitals and the creation of public health offices. Many of the modern medicinal policies for dealing with highly contagious diseases can be traced back to these primary practices and have changed…

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  • Typhoid Fever Research Paper

    Typhoid fever in itself is not a disease well known by history. Typhoid fever played only a small part in the history of the human race and compared to other diseases comes across as more of a nuisance with exception to its role in the Plague of Athens. On the surface, “enteric fever” causes a small but common array of symptoms: fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, chills, muscle aches and skin rash. The cause of the disease is salmonella typhi, a bacterium that rides contaminated…

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  • Quarantine Speech

    broad authority to negotiate with other nations a lowering of tariffs by up to 50%” The agreements also had a unique application to Latin American countries; by encouraging the export of U.S. manufactured goods into Latin America and the import of Latin American raw materials into the United States, a “quasi-colonial relationship” was instituted. This played a large and influential part in tripling U.S. trade with Latin America in the years between 1931 and 1941, and re-strengthening the United…

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  • Quarantine Medical Strategy

    As a result of the hurt and devastation caused by the plague, the stop to it was just as devastating. Once the outbreak got to the point of consuming a nation the leaders then started to look at how they could prevent further damage. As a result, to their thinking they began to close the gates to their villages and prevent anyone who was suspected of being ill or who was a stranger from entering (Tognotti, 2013, p. 255). This was the beginning of quarantine, a medical strategy that was used in…

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  • Quarantine Movie Analysis

    Quarantine I chose a 2008 movie “Quarantine” for this extra credit assignment. In this movie, a television reporter and her cameraman are shadowing two fire fighters during their night shift and while they are touring the facility, an emergency call leads them to an apartment from where the 911 call was made by the apartment manager. Upon arriving of the 2 firemen, 2 police officers and the television crew the apartment manager explains that a woman has been screaming upstairs in one of the…

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  • Quarantine Persuasive Essay

    However, chemicals aren’t the only ways to control disease. Quarantine can be a simple way to stop the spread of disease. As Randy Ploetz, a professor of plant pathology, says in his article: “In pathogen-free regions, effective quarantine and exclusion are essential.” Once soil is infected by Panama disease there is no way to remove it (Ploetz). Quarantine can slow the spread but diseases like Panama and Black Sigatoka are easily tracked in on boots, farming equipment or machinery. The Farmer…

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  • Quarantine Against Ebola Analysis

    Mukherjee comes from a medical background, and he has used his expertise to describe a quick way to test for Ebola. The author thinks that instead of banning all flights, "scanning" people, or quarantine, a simple blood test could be used. Banning flights could prevent healthcare workers from reaching areas that are in dire need of help. It would probably end up doing more harm than good. If someone underwent this simple blood test before they boarded the plane, the test results would be back by…

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  • Burn The Dead Quarantine Essay

    My short story is aimed at adults, it was influenced by the book Burn the Dead: Quarantine by Steven Jenkens. I aimed to create a distorted image of the new world that was plagued by an abyss of loneliness to represent the enmity and depression felt by the main character. I wrote in a first person narrative to place the reader in Lillias shoes and to evoke pity for her confusion disorientation and despair. My style model is also written in first person narrative for example “I can’t breathe; the…

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  • Plant Quarantine Case Study

    principles of plant quarantine as related to international trade. REFERENCES FAO Glossary of Phytosanitary Terms, FAO Plant Protection Bulletin 38(1), 1990: 5-23. International Plant Protection Convention, 1992. FAO, Rome. DEFINITIONS Definitions of phytosanitary terms used in the present standard can be found in ISPM No. 5 (Glossary of phytosanitary terms). OUTLINE OF REFERENCE The primary aim in formulating the following principles is to facilitate the process of developing international…

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