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  • The Importance Of Infection Control

    Infection control is the number one obligation for any health care worker, in any field, at any time. All persons that enter a hospital should walk in with confidence knowing they will be treated without any risk of acquiring a nosocomial infection during their visit. The only way to accurately ensure that this will happen is if all medical personnel follow through with proper usage of their personal protective equipment, commonly known as PPE’s. PPE’s are a part of Standard Precautions which are components of the guidelines created to guard patients, as well as, health care workers against job-related exposure and nosocomial infections. They supply a bodily barrier between the user and the infectious agent 1.The correct technique for applying…

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  • Importance Of Infection Control

    What is one of the main things that all health care professionals should strive to maintain…infection control! A nosocomial infection is an infection that is transmitted during a patient’s visit in the hospital for unrelated reasons. This term is more commonly called healthcare associated infection or HAI for abbreviation. According to the CDC approximately 5% to 10% of all hospitalized patients will acquire a HAI. Since HAIs can jeopardize patients’ safety it is crucial that healthcare…

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  • Causes Of Yeast Infection In Dogs

    make sure that you dog could have yeast infection in different parts of their body. No matter how you clean your dog, the yeast infection are the more common disease beyond your thinking. The yeast are commonly affect their ear, skin and casuing unpleasent odors, itchiness and annoying infections on their skin. If you neglect it, the infection leads to tremendous anount of self-induced trauma and pain from the frantic scratching and chewing. Causes Of Yeast Infection Number of reasons of…

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  • The Importance Of Infection Control And Prevention

    Infection control and prevention, e.g. standard infection control precautions. Infections are caused by pathogens, which are living microorganisms that infect your body. A contagious disease is one that is transmitted by physical contact from an individual that has the disease. Now an infectious disease can be transmitted through air, water or a mosquito. All carers must make sure all vaccines are up to date as you need to be prone to diseases so the service user doesn’t get them off you. The…

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  • Bone Infection Case Study

    Background: Large bone defects and infections still represent a major challenge to orthopedic surgeons. Bone infection is a very serious condition resulting in patient suffering, financial burden, and sometimes fatalities. The main cause for bone infection is usually trauma, diabetes and biomaterial-related implant associated infections. Infection is a significant cause for implant failure, impaired functionality, and reduced lifetime of medical devices, resulting in high distress for the…

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  • Ways To Avoid Infection Plan

    properly prepare for the crisis. The Director of Public Health has designed a plan for survival against the infected. In this plan, the following steps will include: safe places to go, how to avoid infection, what to do when infected, and where to send the sick. Safe Places to Go In this case of emergency, citizens will need to take action and move to a place of safety. Many people are concerned about the possibility of a public health emergency such as natural disaster, act of terrorism, or…

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  • Middle Ear Infection Case Study

    Middle ear infection Overview: In typical ear infection, the middle ear (located behind the eardrum) gets inflamed and fills with fluid, a condition called otitis media. Most ear infections, short-term, or acute, usually resolves without any intervention, but if you keep popping up are classified as recurrent infections. Recurrent ear infections can lead to a buildup of fluid in the middle ear that tends not to be reabsorbed. In this case we speak of ear infection in the long term or chronic.…

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  • Spider Infection Case Study

    The Effect of Spider Venom on Muscle Contraction Jessica Martinez and Stephanie Perez Eastfield Community College Overview A patient with the name Bobby presented with the chief complaint: pain on one arm that originated in one area and has spread up the arm. Along with pain in the arm, the patient experienced sweating and abdominal pain and cramping. The patient explained that he was photographing the sunset at the beach when he felt a burning sensation and realized he had been bit by…

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  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Urinary Tract Infections “About 50% of women and 12% of men will have a urinary tract infection (UTI) at some time in their lives” (Richards, 2008).UTIs are the second particular type of infection. The bladder contains urine that is sterile. The urinary system compromise of the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. The urinary system removes filtered liquid waste and urine. UTIs can occurs any area along the urinary tract. UTIs can be classified as lower and upper depending on the area of the…

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  • Questions: Olive Oil For Ear Infection

    Olive oil for ear infection Q1. I keep my ear clean, but still I think I have some infection in my ear. Despite of keeping my ears clean, why is this infection caused? A1. Our ears are divided in three different parts. The part of the ear that is visible to us as well as the canal that goes all the way to other parts of the ear is known as the external part. Next to the external part is the middle part which contains a group of small bones that do the job of amplifying the sound we hear. Our…

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