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  • Personality Type Indicator Reflection

    Their friendliness, warmth, and supportiveness can lead them to be very popular, and can lead to too much social stimuli. Their perfectionism, pursuit of ideals, and energy they put into others also prove to be draining when the INFJ fails to set boundaries for his/her own self (INFJ Personality, 2016). Although the INFJ readily connects with and understands others, they seldom feel understood. Do to the rarity of the INFJ personality (1% of population), they often feel out of place and painfully misunderstood. Feeling understood is something which the INFJ searches for relentlessly, but rarely achieves (Calder, 2015). The accuracy of this point truly struck a chord with me. Feeling as if others fully understand me is an elusive concept that I am in a constant quest obtaining. However, this scarcely happens and sometimes seems to me like a futile…

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  • Reflection On Healing For Damaged Emotions

    those who diligently seek Him” (Hebrews 11:6, NKJV). It is by faith that I can believe in Him, and grace that saves me, making a firm foundation for my relationship with Him. The perception of myself has greatly changed over the last year, and it is fair to state my current self-image is in a more positive light, compared to prior images. Due to past unresolved regrets, I suffered from low self-esteem and a dim outlook. However, between counseling and returning to school, the ability to truly…

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  • The Myer-Briggs Type Indicator

    of who we are as people, that help create the persona that we depict towards the public eye and in our personal lives as well. With there being sixteen personality types on the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator, there is one that is bound to be similar or almost identical to one’s true personality, and mine happens to be INFJ, which stands for introvert, intuitive, feeling and judging. This personality type has remained consistent with me ever since I took my first MBTI Assessment in junior year of…

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  • Stephen Armstrong The Morgue Analysis

    this room are the people who die screaming.” A coroner is someone who deals with direct activities such as autopsies, pathological and toxicological analyses, and inquests relating to the investigation of deaths occurring within a legal jurisdiction to determine cause of death or to fix responsibility for accidental, violent, or unexplained deaths (“Our Campus”). This career fits well with an INFJ personality type because it helps to make tough decisions. This will certainly allow for a…

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  • Infj Reflection

    Throughout the course I learned about my personality and my strengths that I could use to my advantage for career options. The Type Coach Report diagnosed me as INFJ, an introvert-intuitive-feeler-judger, which ultimately meant that I am an idea generator. I have the tendency to find solutions that would create a positive impact on others for a long-term expectancy. The report mentioned that INFJ’s have “exceptional work ethic,” and I could not agree with a statement more. I have the mentality…

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  • Infj Personality Traits

    I’m an INFJ, and I have many good values about my personality. If my friends come to me to ask me a question, I like to find the perfect solution for them. The question they asked me will always be on my mind until we figure out an answer to their problem. To be able to be a good counselor you have to be a good listener, and that’s what my personality type is. INFJ’s are very good listeners, and we are reassuring to others around us. Now, sometimes figuring people’s problems out can be…

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  • The INFJ Leadership Style

    The result of the MBTI test, I received the INFJ personality. The INFJ consists of an introvert, an intuitive, a feeling and a judging. For an introvert characteristic, I think I am a good listener and I prefer to listen than talk. I have to think before I speak or take an action. When I do not have an energy, I can build my energy. I have many ways to get my energy back such as spend time alone, listen music, read a book or write a diary. For my leadership style, I will listen my followers…

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  • Infj Personality Analysis

    My personality type is INFJ. Even though some people see an introvert as being weak; I see it as a strength. Many of my good attributes are as a result of me being an introvert. For example, one of my most valuable qualities are understanding, thoughtful, considerate, and companionate. The Myers Briggs test defines me as a INFJ. An INFJ individual is said to be insightful, compassionate, and idealistic. At the same time their vison about the world and their intuition makes them very…

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  • Analysis Of INFJ And The Temperament Of NF

    This paper will discuss the personality trait assessment of INFJ and the temperament of NF. This will include a personal assessment and reflection of these traits. There are important aspects of these traits that need clarification to understand the concepts. These traits have benefits and downfalls from all aspects of life. The benefits and downfalls play a critical role in the professional and personal life of individuals. The realization of ones traits can assist in the development of…

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  • INFJ Advocate Personality Analysis

    After I took a personality test and getting the results of INFJ advocate personality, I could agree with the results. Advocates tend to see helping others as their purpose in life. A few of my characteristics that will allow myself to become a successful teacher in the future is that I have a hard-headedness aspect, I have a solid character, and I am a good listener. I feel like teachers need to have a hard-headed personality because this is the only way that she will not get walked all over…

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