Personality Type Indicator Reflection

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Ideally, the radar plot of a perfect leader would show a perfect circle without leaning to to one side and showing harsh ridges and indents of shortcomings. However, the only person in history to have the summation of a perfect leader is Jesus Christ. Thus, as fallen and sinful humans, we can expect our plots to lean and reflect our weaknesses. My plot appears to lean more to the left side of the spectrum. The plot presents a valuable visible aid in discerning which characteristics one is more prone to and which areas one is lacking in. Additionally, it lends great insight into putting one’s strengths and weaknesses into perspective. I believe that my plot leans in the way that is does as a result of elements simply related to my personality. The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) is a tool that is purposed to assess and categorize one’s unique personality type in order to help them gain a better understanding of themselves and how they see the world. The test then assigns one of 16 …show more content…
Their friendliness, warmth, and supportiveness can lead them to be very popular, and can lead to too much social stimuli. Their perfectionism, pursuit of ideals, and energy they put into others also prove to be draining when the INFJ fails to set boundaries for his/her own self (INFJ Personality, 2016). Although the INFJ readily connects with and understands others, they seldom feel understood. Do to the rarity of the INFJ personality (1% of population), they often feel out of place and painfully misunderstood. Feeling understood is something which the INFJ searches for relentlessly, but rarely achieves (Calder, 2015). The accuracy of this point truly struck a chord with me. Feeling as if others fully understand me is an elusive concept that I am in a constant quest obtaining. However, this scarcely happens and sometimes seems to me like a futile

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