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  • Influencer Marketing Case Study

    it's all about influencer marketing. Completely bypassing traditional marketing strategies, Tysander instead focused on a digital strategy centered around thousands of lesser-known micro-influencers. In exchange for a Daniel Wellington watch, these influencers posted photos of themselves wearing it – along with a unique discount code for their followers. The strategy proved to be a complete…

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  • Powerful Influencer Marketing Strategies

    Influencer marketing continues to open new revenue opportunities for brands and businesses. A powerful influencer marketing campaign can increase the reach of your products and services and build an instant bridge of tryst between your audience and business. More importantly, it is a digital marketing strategy with an enticing ROI. In fact, influencer marketing has a $7.65 ROI for every dollar invested. Not a bad value for your marketing budget. This digital marketing avenue has become less of…

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  • Fashion Proposal Essay

    market, our media mix strategy will consist of various channels. Such as advertisements in women’s fashion magazines, online fashion/beauty communities, commercials on style focused networks, ads throughout social media platforms, press releases, billboard ads, blogs, radio, etc. Therefore, whatever budget we do have, will go towards online advertising because most young people have some form of social media and they utilizes the internet more. Media Outlets Earned Media: This outlet has to…

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  • Infographic Research Paper

    digital marketing topic that we thought deserved an infographic. We would research the topic, create an infographic and then share it with others. In this reflection, I will share my experience and journey creating an infographic on influencer marketing. What sources did you use and why? When it came to creating my infographic, I struggled. Due to my work experience at Critical Mass, I had a high standard for credible, and relevant data. Unfortunately, I also had less resources for this…

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  • Micro-Influencer Case Study

    One of the psychological motives that make modern-day consumers be more persuaded by micro-influencers than by traditional advertising and marketing program is that there is a solid trust build among micro-influencer’s followers over time. The trust derives from the consistency of their interactions, it allows their audiences to get to know their better on a personal level. In fact, research found that 94% of consumers believe that micro-influencers are more knowledgeable than an average person…

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  • Snapchat Essay

    offer promotional codes for viewers which also increase the engagement rate. Another way Snapchat is used in marketing is launching products and filming the “behind the scenes” before the products are typically out for the public. For instance, Kylie Jenner has a makeup line called “Kylie’s Lip Kit”. Kylie Jenner posts 10 second videos of each makeup kit, doing make-up tutorials on individuals to show the audience the quality and excellence of the product. Once the viewers see for…

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  • Trolli: Periscope Media

    Trolli is a brand of candles registered in the year 1975 by the company Haribo. The company launched a worriedly awesome campaign in the year 2013 September. The campaign began with a website before creating a commercial about a boy and his dog titled best friend. The campaign developed at Periscope Media developed a series of odd advertisements and strange commercials. The commercials work to send messages that confirm that weirdness is awesome. Moreover, the company has desired to get funky.…

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  • Gangbusters Online, Leaving Louis Vuitton In The Dust By Pamela Danziger

    of the most successful online retailers in 2017. At the beginning of 2017, Gucci’s web traffic more than doubled, and by the end of 2017, Gucci’s web traffic had well surpassed Louis Vuitton’s, who is their closest competitor online. Danziger interviews SimilarWeb’s (a digital marketing intelligence company) Liron Hakim-Bobrov, who explains how Gucci’s online success has been due to marketing, referral websites, and other causes. The article utilizes the classic economic principles of demand to…

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  • Monika Dixon's PR Vision

    Their PR services include; media relations, press kit creation, print and editorial placements, digital placements, PR campaigns, full media monitoring, identifying target journalists, grassroots marketing, creating brand narrative, partnership opportunities, corporate material production, and press coverage. Their social media services include; social media consulting, management, social media ad campaigns, content creation, Instagram photo styling, social media photography, and social media…

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  • Hillshire Snacking Essay

    Challenge When Hillshire Snacking’s marketing team wanted to create a splashy launch for their new gluten free grilled chicken and small plates of salami with cheese and toasted bread and offerings, they sought the help of Kinetic Social to live stream content from their buzzy Snack Week event featuring high-profile celebrities, food bloggers, and social influencers. For this campaign, our team leveraged Facebook and Instagram campaigns, targeting ‘snackaholic moms’ between the ages of 25-54.…

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