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  • Information Technology Vs. Privacy

    Information technology and the long time debate of privacy has evolved and changed continuously through the years to form to the personal need business needs. The concept of privacy and the privacy of data have become a much needed commodity. Privacy can be grouped into two different definitions on being descriptive the other being normative, depending whether they are used to described how individuals perceive a situations and conditions and the way they are value as well as their constraints to the processing of information. The normative sense discusses how the un-absolute moral right of persons control over access to of personal information, personal acquires information about, and technology that can be used to produce information about…

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  • Privacy And Information Security

    Privacy and information security is an important measure to protect vital information from wrong hands. Information and privacy has become a big concern for the government and private organizations which try to ensure that the citizen information or government confidential information are as secure as they can be. But how it is the information and privacy controlled? How do the government and private organization ensure that they are sharing the right information and no more than the supposed…

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  • Privacy In The Information Age

    Information privacy is the major issue in the current generation. People are more concerned about their convenience along with security. For example if the car breaks downs, one can push a button and the On-star operator will provide help by tracking the location of the car. This situation explains how conveniently one get the service immediately. On the other hand, we are not sure who is tracking our car location and is there any harm caused by that person. Caftori and Steve (2002) conducted…

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  • Theory Of Privacy In The Information Age

    a Theory of Privacy in the information Age,” James H. Moor explains greased information, the foundation and nature of privacy, and the adjustment of policies to ensure privacy under certain situations before proposing a control/restricted access theory of privacy. Moor argues that one of the problems of privacy is that once information is exposed, others can have access to it and use it, sometimes without consent. He then claims that privacy is not a core value, or an essential value shared by…

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  • Solving Ethical Issues

    would change in a different culture and, if so, why it would change. In this digital age, one major ethical concern is privacy. Currently, whether or not phone and other digital records should be tapped for police business is under debate. Naturally, there is an ethical conflict about whether…

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  • Facebook Privacy Case Study

    The aforementioned Facebook privacy cases deal with breaches to users’ private information, which those users disclosed on Facebook for the purpose of sharing with their friends and other users. Since Facebook provides various privacy controls, which allow users to customize the way their posted information is shared with others, users can expect Facebook to keep sensitive information protected from unwanted access and potential harm. However, as evidenced from the vast array of court cases and…

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  • The Nothing-To-Hide Argument Summary

    The Debate of Privacy from the Government A Critic of “The Nothing-to-Hide Argument” The author of “The Nothing-to-Hide Argument”, Daniel J. Solove, discusses the different perspectives and opinions of various people including how the government may view personal information. The article demonstrates this through examples of what people say and the opinion of the article himself. In the article, Solove argues that the information-gathering programs the government uses to track and record…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Edward Snowden

    on the boundaries of privacy. New ways are emerging that aid in tracking private information on individuals. No matter what new technology emerges, individual privacy rights should be respected at all levels. Americans are concerned of how to maintain an equilibrium between their personal privacy rights and the need for government to track potential terrorist threats since Edward Snowden leaked National Security Agency's (NSA) documents which included collections of information regarding data…

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  • Social Media Influence On Interpersonal Privacy

    Informational Privacy Privacy is an elaborate concept that cannot easily be defined because it entails many categories such as physical privacy, communication privacy, psychological privacy and informational privacy (Castaldo, Premazzi & Grosso, 2013, p.4). Informational privacy’s correlation to social media is the increasing amount of information available to online marketing companies and the continued “dissemination of personal awareness” users face (Castaldo et al., 2013, p.4). Thus, the…

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  • The Right To Privacy Analysis

    relation to privacy rights and issues. The reason for this is that they are a fundamental right which ensures the personhood of individuals by allowing them to control who has access to personal information about them. Privacy issues are also of importance because it helps individuals avoid unwanted intrusions in their personal dealings. Consequently, for the reason that privacy is such a complex concept, there have been ongoing concerns and discussions in relation to the legal concept of…

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