Audience theory

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  • Audience Theory

    1. In my opinion, if you want your audience to stay focused on your presentation than theater theory should take top priority when preparing. If a meeting or presentation has dim lights and low tone atmosphere, the audience will appear lethargic and uninterested. If you take that same meeting or presentation with bright lights and loud music the audience will be the complete opposite and present high energy and enthusiasm. If the presenter shows passion and excitement the audience will adhere with eagerness to listen. The presenter should engage the audience within their presentation or speech this will allow the audience to feel as if they are part of the presentation. The video makes several valid and relevant points regarding lighting and…

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  • Audience Analysis: The Pixar Theory

    The process of doing an audience analysis involves being able to identifying and adapt in order to able to present the information to an audience properly (Adler, Rodman, & du Pre, 2014). In understanding the audience a speaker has a better awareness of how to approach the subject without alienating them. Being able to adapt to the environment allows for a better way for the speech to reach the audience. Also allows for the speaker to decide in what form they wish to present the information.…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Coming Hunger Wars By Michael T. Klare

    All great pieces of writing consist of the same three rhetorical elements: Logos, Pathos and Ethos. They are strategically used to persuade the audience to believe something they hadn’t before. Michael T. Klare effectively practices these methods in his 2012 article, The Coming Hunger Wars: Heat, Drought, Rising Food Costs, and Global Unrest, to hook his reader and to coax them into viewing his topic differently. He exploits experienced sources, hard facts and fear driven emotions to inform his…

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  • Gopro Advertisement Analysis Essay

    If we identify the movement behind the scenes we develop an understanding to how media is carefully curated for each audience. Individuals such as directors and screenwriters etc. make decisions regarding the elements presented in order to aid the audience in understand that particular character presented and the elements that make them who they are. It is these attachments of elements; it is these elements that the audience remembers. In the GoPro advertisement these same decisions are made to…

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  • The Boy Friend Play Analysis

    On October 24, 2015 I went to see the musical comedy, The Boy Friend which was directed by Susan Cato-Chapman. It was produced by the Fairmont State University Department of Theatre and Communication and Town and Gown Theatre. The musical comedy starts at Madame Dubonnet’s School for Young Ladies where the four main young girls and Polly are discussing Polly’s made-up boyfriend. The girls are excited for the upcoming Carnival Ball for which all of the girls, aside from Polly, have dates.…

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  • Final Paper: Final Reflection

    the third paper was a cultural context analysis, and the final paper we wrote this fall was a literacy narrative. In each of these papers, I have learned key tips and other beneficial concepts to make myself a better writer in the future. Out of all of the things I have learned this semester, the three most important things I will take away are, the organization of different types of papers, understanding the audience you are trying to write to, and last but not least learning how to convey the…

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  • Future Attitudes In Literacy

    In order to reach out to the audience the writer must appeal to their readers. This means the writer must know their audiences… demographics. Jackson wrote her article for people of various ages and backgrounds. She used pathos in her article to play off of her audience emotions. In the article Jackson states,” …there was one event that everyone seemed to have gone through in one way or another (Jackson 132).” This particular excerpt from the article is an example of how Jackson relied on the…

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  • Cinematic Techniques In Spielberg Movies

    Spielberg Special Scenes Steven Spielberg defined several generations using his talent in directing. He turned okay movies into huge box office hits that the world still watch decades later. He is skilled in triggering emotions in his audiences that keep them enthralled in what he puts on the screen. When someone has seen some of his movies they know he has a certain style. In his films, Steven Spielberg uses soft lighting to provoke tension, wide angles to inspire fear, and music to induce…

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  • H & M Advertisement Analysis

    independent. It directs a broad audience rather than a very specific type of group of people. In one scene, a pair of girls is enjoys a swim in a pool and having sexual activities with each other to connect with the different types of sexual preferences the audiences have. This culturally shows that America is changing their views of women. Overall, the only connection for each main actor is their gender. All the main actors in every scene were females to clearly aim on women. The audience…

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  • Rhetorical Questions In Persuasive Speech

    questions to the audience to make them ponder about the subject, and then the speaker gives an immediate response to the question just asked. This way there is no mistaking what the author is trying to get across with his questions during the speech. George Whitefield asks numerous rhetorical questions within his sermon saying, “What sign would they have? Will none of you be friends to the blessed Jesus? And shall not we follow so excellent an example? My brethren, till Christian conversation is…

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