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  • The Effects Of Acceptance And Commitment Therapy: A Case Study

    Lack of demographic information heavily limits the results of the study as well as limits the cultural relevance of the study. Future studies should seek to enhance cultural diversity by collecting demographic information and seeking to provide data which is representative of multiple cultural groups. A second cultural consideration of the study is the location, a prison in Spain. Spain has decriminalized drugs and thus policies, both in prison and in the country, could impact views on treatment and recovery from substance use, which could impact the results of the study (Vastag,…

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  • GDO Research Essay

    based their sampling off of a small group of Caucasian, middle class children (Dalton, 2005; Guddemi et al, 20142; Gesell, 1925) resulting in high criticism. The Gesell Institute made an effort to make the findings of the GDO-R more generalizable. The following information concerning sampling, reliability and validity are based primarily on the findings by the Gesell Institute, published in the 2012 Technical Report. The sample used for standardization was chosen based on convenience, from…

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  • Critical Appraisal: A Qualitative Analysis

    facility, although they did not say how the recruiting was accomplished. Goodman et al. used a screening tool to identify individuals with substance use disorders (SUD) to control the selection of participants. The study participants included 31 youth from an urban area (“16 females, 14 males, and 1 unreported” (p. 93); reported ages 17-25) and had entered a recovery program within the past year (40%) or had been involved with a program longer than one year (50%) (the authors report data from…

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  • Censorship In Modern Society

    Today in modern society, the right of free speech is generally regarded as an entitlement an individual has. However, this particular entitlement, which is rooted in deep-seated beliefs that anyone is qualified to emphasize anything they please, can often cause friction and overall conflict on many levels. In most cases, the use of language in mediums such as radio, television, and books are restricted by censorship to a certain extent for a variety of reasons. The central reason is mainly…

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  • Dell Market Segmentation

    Gather Information about Market Segment & Consumers This assessment requires that the candidate gather this information and develop a portfolio and presentation that includes the following: 1. A market segment profile. Dell computers are one of the most popular systems in the world now, which are majorly different in terms of direct channel marketing and promotion policy. Moreover it is worldwide known for designing and producing personal computers, enterprise products like servers as well as…

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  • Consumer Behavior Analysis: The North Face Products

    3. Consumer Behavior Analysis 3.1 Consumer profile Demographic Generally speaking, The North Face customers are adults aged between 25 and 45. They are usually from middle-middle to upper-middle class. Hence, they are prone to extreme sports and able to afford the relatively high price of The North Face products. Behavioral Most of its customers love nature and are interested in outdoor activities. They frequently participate in activities such as hiking, skiing, and backpacking. Thus, they…

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  • The Influence Of Customer Satisfaction On Metro Trains

    determining the strengths of the service, but also areas for improvement. Google Trends data (Appendix A) reveals that there has been a decrease in interest the tram service. Therefore, this report will provide a framework for undertaking research to better understand customer satisfaction and in turn, where they can improve. (b) Statement of the Problem MRP Statement: “to better understand customer satisfaction with Melbourne’s tram system.” Components: • Customer satisfaction with the…

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  • Case Study: Precision Landscaping And Excavation In Thurston County

    Demographic Location – Precision Landscaping and Excavation’s main target location will be in the Thurston County region, however, the business should not limit the possibilities for expansion into Mason County. Statistics from the Census shows 64.9% owner occupied homes from 2010-2014 with the median home costing $241,300 in Thurston County. There were 5,923 businesses located in this region. Residential building permits in a privately owned location are 446 in the Olympia region. Thurston…

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  • Millennial Stereotypes

    After years of living in the shadows of previous generations, the millennial generation has suddenly taken over society. This takeover hasn’t come easy however, as older members of society have imprinted stereotypes on its imminent successors that have given them a bad reputation. Despite the negative connotations attached to Generation Y, some understand the demographic and see past the stereotypes. Sam Tanenhaus, the writer of the article “Generation Nice” is one of these people. In the…

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  • Social Media Essay

    of social media we normally group social media into eight types based on the available sites. Let us analysis each type of available and most common types of social media among the people in detail. Social networking services that let people get connected with the other people based on the similarity in their interest and background. It consist of a user profile, various methods to get interacted with other available users, possibility to form groups, post status, make comments on recent news…

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