Age groups in Scouting and Guiding

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    I could distinguish the separation of intentions by each age group for being present that night. It seemed that after the older group of people on the left side of the bar and at the tables enjoyed their dinner and after dinner drinks, they would listen to the music and chose to eat that night at the Dog House for the experience of live music. On the contrary, the younger group of people just drank the whole night and used the experience of the live music event as a social gathering to comingle with their peers. In Categorizing Sound: Genre and Twentieth-Century Popular Music, David Brackett uses multiple culture-related case studies to provide a relationship between categories of music and categories of people and in this case those categories refer to generations of people. Brackett makes the connection to how sound is essential in how we as people feel connected to certain people but also how we feel disconnected from others (Brackett). In the example of the live music performance I witnessed, the certain connection is between the particular generation of music performed connecting to the different age groups of the audience. In another viewpoint, cultural sociologist Andy Bennett reviews the way in which people grow older with music. Bennett makes a connection between how many fans and lovers of old generation music have…

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