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  • Cultural Diversity Case Study

    Why is encouraging “cultural diversity” so important in organizations? Explain the main advantages for the individual, the organization and the society in general Introduction: Before we begin to talk about the reason “cultural diversity” encouraged in organizations so important. We need first know what cultural diversity is. According to the book named “cultural diversity versus economic solidarity” (Parijs, 2004), it mentioned that the very notion of cultural diversity is far from unproblematic. So that we need to think about culture and diversity separately. According to Distelhorst (2007) stated that culture is much more than the color of one’s skin and can include: nationality, ethnicity, geographic area, gender, socioeconomic…

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  • Cultural Encounters: A Case Study

    A cultural encounter is the act of directly interacting with patients from culturally diverse backgrounds (Honner & Hoppi, 2004). There are two goals of cultural encounters. One goal is to generate a wide variety of responses to promote verbal and nonverbal communication accurately and appropriately in each culturally different context. The second goal is to continuously interact with patients from culturally diverse backgrounds which assists in validating, modifying existing values, beliefs,…

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  • Subfields Of Anthropology: The Study Of Cultural Anthropology

    I. Anthropology Subfields In its most basic definition, anthropology is the study of humans combining a biological and cultural perspective (MindEdge 1.05). Due to the complexity of humankind, anthropology can be broken down into four sub-fields; cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, archaeology, and biological/physical anthropology. Cultural anthropology is the study of how humans lived, and how their culture was handed down from generation to generation. Cultural anthropologists…

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  • Cultural Differences In International Study

    encounter many cultural differences. Class work standards may be different from your home country, and classroom etiquette may differ quite a bit, than what you are used to. These cultural differences may, in some cases, affect or interfere with studies. Although college is challenging, I am going to succeed by using advice from experts, by developing strategies, and by taking advantage of the benefits offered by my college. Since I am From Iran, I know college will be challenging. I moved…

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  • Cross-Cultural Psychology Case Studies

    Cross-cultural psychology has been used in the comprehension of people and development by increasing the generality of their exposures and experiences hence providing a broader base of reporting the effects of experiences on development. However, there have been difficulties in isolation of independent variables and ambiguities in interpreting the dependent variables. Further, cross-cultural psychology has contributed in the processes of examining the relations between culturally organized…

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  • Cross Cultural Training Case Study

    opportunities of working in various different countries. This possess a challenge of training and development of these employees as they adjust to the new cultures that they find themselves in. Cross Cultural training programs enhance the competencies required for these assignments. Theories such as Hofstede’s cultural dimension theory have also been analyzed to study there impact if any on Cross Cultural Training effectiveness. Globalization has a major impact on an organizations culture and…

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  • The Effects Of Acceptance And Commitment Therapy: A Case Study

    substances at the beginning of the study. Participants were randomly assigned to ACT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and data was collected for two years (González-Menéndez, 2013). The purpose of the study was to determine the long-term efficacy of ACT on drug abuse in incarcerated females. The Addiction Severity Index (ASI) and multi drug urinalysis were used to determine severity of substance use as well as sobriety and relapse (González-Menéndez, 2013). Results from the study indicate…

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  • Contraindications In A Hip-Hop World

    The title of this article is “Contraindications in a Hip-Hop World: An Ethnographic Study of Black Women Hip-Hop Fans in Washington, DC.,” written by Tia L. Smith-Cooper. This article was published with UMI Microform in June 2002. In this article, Tia L. Smith-Cooper is scrutinizing the current (in 2002) problem of male rappers objectifying females and women still being content with this fact and continuing to be hip-hop fans. Not only does she attack male rappers, she also attacks female…

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  • An Invisible Space

    For example, Western man sees the space as objectives, which are fixed; however, Eestern man sees the space as subjectives that are semi-fixed. These ideas of space with the term proxemics, takes more associations and get hidden behind of the visual to a much profounder sensual space (p. 94). In the perception of space and man, the author deals with the similar informations but from a dissimilar perspective of view comparing with the study of animals such as how man assembles the space as fixed…

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  • Literacy Criticism In Literature

    (Gasher,, 2012). Furthermore, this criticism considers the ways things can be portrayed and analyzed. For example, things become recorded into texts, it then becomes exposed to interpretation and discussion (Gasher,, 2012). The literacy criticism also considers different approaches and portrays of media can be diverse for cultures. For example, in North America a biscuit means a buttery, flaky bread served with savory means. In the U.K. a biscuit is described as a cookie.…

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