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  • Japan Business Culture

    Japan is generally thought of as a nation with deep cultural values that are embedded in its business culture as well. Hard work with an emphasis on quality has always been a key feature in Japanese businesses that drove economic growth in the late twentieth century. With an economy once projected to take over the United States as the largest economy in the world, the perception of business in Japan has always been positive. According to Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2015 ranking, Japan was the 18th least corrupt country in the world with a score of 75 (0 meaning highly corrupt and 100 meaning very clean). The United States was ranked 16th for reference. Although Japan has a good standing as one of the least…

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  • Japan Culture Vs America

    Japan is a beautiful and interesting country. It is also very old country. When it comes to comparing it to America, there is not much that both countries have in common. Not only is the culture different, but so is the government, the problems it faces and their ideals. First and foremost, Japan does not have the same type of government as us. In America, we have a federal presidential republic. In a federal republic, there are partially self governing states or regions with a constitution…

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  • Organizational Culture In Japan Case Study

    the culture of their overseas subsidiaries. The organizational structure and culture of the subsidiary plays a crucial role in the successful implementation of various management practices (Kull and Wacker, 2010). The organizational culture is partly reflected in the way in which a company manages its human resources (Schneider, 1988) and this could potentially lead to either positive or negative operational effects of the firm depending on factors such as the culture of the environment in which…

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  • The Castle Beyond The Looking Glass By Inuyasha

    like one of those, you cannot unsee this moment. In a way I love it because it comes from manga, but I would like them to zoom out. There’s not many deep space scene or even long shots. Close-ups are this movie bread and butter, along with nature shots. The opening scene shot by shot captures so much tension, feeling like the characters are in the eye of the storm. It says so much without saying it out loud, and this anime loves to narrate itself. It first shows the sky, it’s night and quiet.…

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  • The Influence Of Westernization On Japanese Culture

    Japan consists of one of the most culturally rich societies in the world, one of which through history has been greatly affected by the other cultures around it. America has specifically played a huge influence in Japan since the Meiji Period and continues to do so today (Bognar 47f). In fact, “Much of today's Japanese culture is derivative of or responds to American culture” (47). But is America’s influence necessarily a good thing? The westernization, or more specifically the…

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  • Nintendo Research Paper

    game series Nintendo, watched different animes, and love sushi? Well, Japan is where all of that good stuff comes from! Japan is a country made up by many different islands. In this research paper, Japan’s physical geography, culture, history, and many more topics will be discussed. II: Physical Geography a) Location: Japan is a country on the eastern part of the continent Asia. The country happens to be made up of thousands of islands, large and small. There are four major islands in the…

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  • Analysis Of Tanizaki's In Praise Of Shadows

    the world, and the beauty within it. He feels Japanese traditions that are becoming less and less common are still very beautiful, and deserve to be appreciated and understood by more people. Tanizaki believes there is much beauty in simplicity and contrast, that many people often disregard. Because of this, shadows are spoken of throughout many sections of the essay. While for many parts, Tanizaki is speaking of literal shadows, he also refers to many traditions in the Japanese culture that…

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  • Letter To Masahashi Kishimoto Analysis

    Letter to Masahashi Kishimoto by Daniel Chen 2-4 Backstory: Masahashi Kishimoto is the author of Naruto. He is Japanese Manga artist (Japanese graphic novelist) who created the storyline of the Naruto world which has been adapted into an anime, or “animated series”. The anime ran between 2002 till 2017 for fifteen years spanning over seven hundred episodes along with a few movies. Naruto is based in a ninja world where people can manipulate their “chakra” or energy to exercise superpower-like…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Anime

    The Best-Unexpected Anime Merchandise Retailers Anime is everywhere. Whether you are a weeaboo, with a modern taste for anime shows like Knights of Sidonia, or more of an otaku, with your love of shows like Fist of the North Star, you are sure to want to fill your life with cool anime merchandise. The great thing for anime and manga lovers is how there’s now abundance of shops that sell little treats. We listed a few of the best shops for anime merchandise. Our selection includes many…

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  • Japanese Culture Vs American Culture

    This essay is on the differences between the United States and Japanese culture. We are not only separated by geography but by our attitudes and social culture. I will be explaining the main differences between our economies, crime, and education systems. First let's delve a little into the economy. The traditional image of Asian countries is that they are relatively poor societies. Today Asian countries are building a huge middle class. Japan is a model among them. When it became a rich…

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