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  • Personal Narrative-Just An Anime

    The Weeaboo’s Prologue I’m not a weeaboo! I’m j-just an anime enthusiast. I know about Japan because I study it! I’m praaactically fluent in Japanese! Reading manga doesn’t define me as a person, you know. I’ve been super into Japan for, like, ever. I’ve been drawing anime for who knows how long. I swear, my funeral certificate is gonna list my cause of death as Japanese snacks! I wonder if they’ll save my art. The doujinshi I draw is too good to be forgotten! Y’know, with handsome guys in waistcoats and cute girls in skirts and all that. Those designs are pretty much impossible to do in real life. And I would know because I cosplay - that is, I wear costumes to look like anime characters. I have over a dozen official cosplays. I’m the best…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Anime

    Best-Unexpected Anime Merchandise Retailers Anime is everywhere. Whether you are a weeaboo, with a modern taste for anime shows like Knights of Sidonia, or more of an otaku, with your love of shows like Fist of the North Star, you are sure to want to fill your life with cool anime merchandise. The great thing for anime and manga lovers is how there’s now abundance of shops that sell little treats. We listed a few of the best shops for anime merchandise. Our selection includes many so-called…

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  • Japanese Anime Analysis

    Throughout the recent years, Japanese animation, specifically within the genre of anime and anime films, has been a steadily growing and dedicated following within American subculture. With the more popular anime being systematically introduced to the American public, creating “a massive expansion and organization of American fans of Japanese animation; clubs, conventions, and fanzines dedicated to anime and its fandom culture have sprung up on college campuses and in large cities all over the…

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  • Syaoran Li: Difference Between Manga And Anime

    Shaoran) is a fictional character from CLAMP's anime and manga series Cardcaptor Sakura. At the start of the series, Syaoran appears as an antagonist. Being a descendant of Clow Reed, he believes that he should be the one to inherit the magical Clow cards than Sakura. He often criticizes her for her flaws but as the story progresses, he becomes Sakura's reliable ally and friend despite their differences. Sakura Kinomoto Sakura Kinomoto (木之本 さくら, Kinomoto Sakura) is a fictional character, the…

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  • Analysis Of The Anime Film Spirited Away

    Spirited Away, the anime film directed by Hayao Miyazaki, depicts a fantasy story of a young girl Chihiro accidentally enters a town ruled by witches and gods. Chihiro need to find a job in order to survive and save her parents who are turned into pigs. During her stay, Chihiro works hard and finally finds a way to save her parents and go back to the real world. In this essay, I want to discuss how does Spirited Away reflected issues of Japanese society in 1990s. Japan experienced strong…

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  • Manga Research Paper

    Friendship is the strongest thing in the world. With true friends beside,one can do anything and everything which he wants to achieve.With true friends who wont backstab you and belive in you, people can do wonders.Behind every successfull man is a friend who supported him when everyone lost hope in what he wanted to achieve.One piece teaches the readers that a person is free to do whatever he wants to do. If one has the guts and courage to follow his passions, no matter how much anyone tries to…

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  • Fan Subbed Atime

    The first time I ever watched anime was when I accidentally rented a wrong DVD from a rental store. When I realized my mistake rather than returning the CD, I decided to keep it. The show was called Naruto when I first watched Naruto it was dubbed in English. So it was a big surprise finding out when I went to watch the rest of the episodes online they were in Japanese. Since I had never heard or spoke Japanese the first few video I saw I had to guess what was going on plot wise and what the…

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  • Letter To Masahashi Kishimoto Analysis

    Letter to Masahashi Kishimoto by Daniel Chen 2-4 Backstory: Masahashi Kishimoto is the author of Naruto. He is Japanese Manga artist (Japanese graphic novelist) who created the storyline of the Naruto world which has been adapted into an anime, or “animated series”. The anime ran between 2002 till 2017 for fifteen years spanning over seven hundred episodes along with a few movies. Naruto is based in a ninja world where people can manipulate their “chakra” or energy to exercise superpower-like…

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  • Japanese Popular Culture Research Paper

    Popular culture and worldwide interest in Japanese productions often stems from Japanese television. For instance, the privately owned television network NTV is the highest rated network in Japan and since 2002 has regularly acquired top ratings for the all day, primetime, and golden time. Programming on NTV includes popular anime, dramas, news and games for audiences who are from all the around the world. In addition, in the anime industry, starting in 1989 with the release of Akira, anime has…

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  • Religion In Japanese Pop Culture

    Religion is prevalent in many aspects of Japanese culture, even in pop culture. Specifically, religious themes and aesthetics are common in manga, Japanese graphic novels and comic books, or anime, which are animated movies and television shows commonly based on manga. Religion can be weaved into these mediums in various ways to create different effects. For example, religion can be used solely for cosmetic effect, or the story itself could be centered around religion as a plot device. Depending…

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