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  • Reflective Essay: Community And Community Connections

    The theme that stood out to me this week was that of community and community connections. In this commentary I will first I will talk about the hindrances that face teachers that are not native to small town communities. I will also address the problems of partnering with colleges and universities while being in a rural setting. Last I will address the idea of sharing personal histories helping student connect to each other through their similarities and differences. This week’s topic of community connections has been a difficult one for me. Growing up I never had roots to one place. I moved all over the state of Iowa never living anywhere more than five years, and never in an ‘urban’ area. As a teaching professional I have only lived in this community for three years, and as in most small Iowa towns to have any influence to do anything including in the school system, you have to be one of three types of people. One, born in the community and move back as a professional. Two, your grandparents were from the community and still live here, or three, you are married with kids and have made friends with an influential native of the community. Without one of these three factors, there is little chance of getting any community by in to have elders of the community come and share the stories of…

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  • Community Beliefs

    Regardless if a community is a sports team, a religious group, or American society, communities give their members some set of perks. These are opportunities the members would not ordinarily receive on their own. Although some opportunities are for the benefit of their members, some opportunities extend outside their population into other communities. Not only are there potential opportunities to gain knowledge and experience when two or more communities begin to intertwine, there is also a…

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  • Community Meeting

    For the purpose of this assignment, I decided to use a recent community meeting of my residential neighbourhood back home in Calgary; Meadowlark Park. Meadowlark Park is one of the smallest neighbourhoods in the city, located in the SW quadrant, there are approximately 275 homes and just over 600 residents. Being located next to the largest and most popular mall in the city, as well as two of the major roadways (Glenmore Trail and Elbow Drive), the community itself has developed and gone through…

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  • Individualism In Community

    Community spirit, also commonly referred to as the sense of community, is generally defined as “a feeling that members have of belonging, a feeling that members matter to one another and to the group, and a shared faith that members' needs will be met through their commitment to be together” (McMillan & Chavis, 1986). A strong sense of community can have positive effects on both individuals and communities (Kloos et al., 2012) and participation in the community is a fundamental aspect of a good…

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  • Community Education

    Community Education has been at the forefront of education in Scotland since the Alexander Report amalgamated youth work, adult learning and community work together back in 1975 to form the community education services seen currently. Back then the Labour Government at the time commissioned the report and it has continued to have a significant impact on community education since then. In this essay I will explore how the different antecendents of community education outlined in Community…

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  • Community Nursing

    Community health nursing and family nursing share a very close relationship. Community health services help both the individual and the family unity. Any nurse working in a community health center of any type will find him or herself often educating the patient along with their family members. In Miami, FL there are a number of different types of community health centers. These include but are not limited to home health care, community health clinics, and the public health department. These…

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  • Community Partnerships

    School, Home and Community Partnerships It seems that everybody agrees that it is important to form strong partnerships between schools, homes and their communities, but there is a decided lack of information about how to go about achieving that goal. In 2010, President Obama signed the executive order, White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics which includes provisions for strengthening home and community partnerships with schools. The President pointed out that only…

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  • Social Influence Of Community Service And Its Effects On The Community

    1.Introduction “Power is the ability to do good for others” – Brooke Astor Community service is unpaid voluntary work with an aim of helping an underprivileged cause . It is important not only because you are doing good and beneficial for your community but also because taking part and volunteering teaches us comparison and understanding. We too are able to get exposure to certain things and gain knowledge and some experience from community service. 2.Social issue. A very common social issue…

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  • Community Service Importance

    The importance of community service has been interlaced into the majority of the nursing classes I have had at the bachelor’s level and the master’s level of education. Being active in community service has been presented as a cornerstone of my nursing career in the work place as a leader within my organization. I am learning now that being involved in community service holds true for the nurse educator as well. Dawson & Freed (2008), state that “professional nurses have a commitment to…

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  • Essay On Counterfeit Community

    According to Freie, community is an important concept when considering sociology. He states that a community “is continually changing and adapting to challenges in the environment and is created over time as people form connections with each other, develop trust and respect for each other, and create a sense of common purpose” (Freie,1998, p. 21). Therefore, genuine communities involve human relationships where people are actively participating and cooperating with each other to create self…

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