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  • Should Community College Education Benefit Community Colleges?

    it comes to education it becomes an important factor. According to the New York times “Expanding Community College Access” There is a bill that is being proposed and that is to give free tuition for community colleges, but there is an argument that since tuition is averaged around $3300 they also give pell grants and other grants to poor and working class students that they get more out of it. When you talk about money it plays a big role. There is money being involved and when there is it will have an affect how education is maintained. There are students who go to college and when they graduate, they end up taking out…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Free Community College For All

    Free Community College for All Millions looked onward, anticipating what issues the President would address in this year’s State of the Union, would it be ISIS, tax policy, immigration, or maybe healthcare. On January 20, 2015, President Obama at his State of the Union Address, shocked the nation by proposing free community college for all Americans. The proposal for free education is arguably the biggest attempt at economic and social reform we have seen since President Franklin Delano…

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  • Community College Advantages

    The United States has a unique higher education system in which it tailors to many individual’s needs. This ranges from two year Community Colleges to four year Universities. Community Colleges tends to be the most affordable however, there are many Americans that cannot afford the tuition. This is occurring because many students who apply for financial aid are required to provide their parents income. In many cases they don’t qualify for financial aid and their parents are not contributing…

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  • Community College Experience

    The Community College Day trip to Austin was an amazing experience. We were able to see the states capitol, get to meet representatives, and even speak to a few state senators. Although the building was packed with people it was worth cramming through. We were able to see the entire Capitol building from the Rotunda to the ground floor basements. The entire building was beyond beautiful and had an historical vibe to it. We soon learned that it wasn’t just Community College Day, but there were…

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  • Community College Education

    in this article “Economic Benefits of a Community College Education: Issues of Accountability and Performance Measures” focuses on a specific outcome: the economic benefits of a community college education. The importance of a two-year education is commonly overlooked. The way the government looks at wages directly correlated with higher education is sub par and needs to be enhanced. In 20 states, the primary method for judging the post-college earnings of students has been to use information…

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  • Revamping Community College

    Revamping Community College In the article “Revamping Community Colleges to Improve Graduation Rates” it talks about ways that people of education are working to help improve the graduation rate. While I am all for more people going to college and getting degrees, I do not agree with the changes that the article suggests. One of the changes that they are trying to enforce is the idea of free college. In the article, it states that “Bills are pending to carry out President Obama’s America’s…

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  • Free Community College

    Despite the money families could save by sending their children to community college for free, making community college free would cause an even greater debt for the United States and higher taxes for all citizens. Over a 10 year period, President Obama’s plan for free community college is approximated to yield over 60 billion dollars(McClean). In other words, the United States’ accumulating debt would have a significantly larger amount added to it. Since 1776, the United States has been…

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  • Value Of Community Colleges

    It has been often said that finishing college does not produce the most intelligent graduates but rather the most disciplined of them. Yet, when considering nationwide graduation and retention rates of community colleges it appears students often decide college is not of great value to them or they simply cannot maintain stability between academics and making a living. In light of President Obama’s ambitious proposal to make community college tuition free, the talk about two year institutions…

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  • Difference Between Community College And Junior College

    prospective students need to examine before deciding between a community college and a four year University. In some instances going straight to a University is the best option, however for other situations a junior college is the better option. It boils down to what a person’s overall career goal is. There are some similarities and several differences between a junior college and a four year university. Every student has to weigh the pros and cons of their own unique situation in order to…

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  • Community Colleges Argumentative Analysis

    “Never in my life would I have expected community colleges to be called potential saviors of the economy,” says George Boggs. There have been misconceptions on the validity of Community Colleges and why it might be an option to some people. Parents, institutions, and the general public see this life option as second best but what most do not realize is that Community Colleges serve as more than a “second tier” institution, but as a metaphorical fallback net. The assumption is that most students…

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