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Community college relies on two types of academic faculty, one of them is adjunct professors who do not have a full-time around 67% of full time [Mark 02/2015], another is full-time professors who has a full course load of instruction around 15 classrooms per week [Mark 02/2015]. Community colleges employed adjunct professors to save money, it costs less than to hire a single full-time professor. Adjunct professors do not have benefits; however, full-time professors usually have health insurance and many benefits such as higher salaries. In spite of, more than half student taught by part time professors, adjunct professors do not have benefits ,as well as, full time professors have. The community colleges should give them rights what they deserve for the hard work that they are doing and trying to get through their lives. The community colleges should be required to uphold 75:25 standard, so it helps to solve many problems for students.
Community colleges should support 75:25 standard that means a ratio for educational institutions stating that 75% of classes taught by full time faculty and 25% classes taught by part-time faculty [Mark 02/215]. By uphold 75:25 standard, adjunct professors would prefer
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Adjunct professors paid in each course about one-third of the average full-time professors would receive. It’s about $2,700 per course with few benefits [Depillis 02/2015]. Otherwise, if community colleges should uphold 75:25 standard, it will help adjunct professors to increase their wages. There are many unions that represent part-time faculty, such as, SEIU (Service Employees International Union), The National Education Association, American Federation of Teachers [Depillis 02/2015] Who are seeking to give what adjunct deserve and support them to increase their

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