Compare And Contrast Community Colleges And Four Year Universities

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There is a place for higher learning and it is called college! One is Community college, which offers courses to people that want to stay in their local area or seek advancement in a trade. It also prepares some students to transfer to a four-year university. A four-year university allows students to receive a bachelor’s degree and may offer graduate programs. Community colleges and four-year universities have similarities and differences that make each one unique in their own way. Choosing either one will point them in the direction of their dreams.
Community College has some good traits. Classrooms are on a smaller scale and they are equivalent to a high school environment. Students are allowed more one-on-one time with their instructors
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One has the option to live on campus. It is very convenient to live on campus so one will not have to drive every day. Everything at the university is in walking distance to each other. Living on campus can help students to concentrate on their assignments by not having the distractions of a commute and family. Universities tend to be huge campuses with big lecture halls to accommodate a vast number of students. There are many resources available for students to use, such as a library, the doctor’s office, the cafeteria, and fast food establishments. There are many buildings that make up the university campus. Due to the vast size, a lot of walking may take place to travel between classes and the dorm. When going to a university, students get to live and experience the “college life”. Since universities are such huge schools, one can easily make numerous friends that they will cherish forever. Some may want to be a part of a fraternity on campus and build bonds with group members. Students may also like to attend different events on campus to take a break from …show more content…
They offer the ability to earn any degree of one’s choosing. Colleges and universities are places for students to have the opportunity for self-achievement. Earning a degree will allow career advancements in a person’s job so they will potentially be promoted in a company. Job opportunities are more available and having a degree looks good on a job résumé and is required for many successful jobs. Qualified teachers are employed to teach the course. They allow allotted office hours if students need help or just need to ask a question. Most teachers have a connection to their students so that they build a student-teacher relationship. Sports are an option at both community colleges and universities. They offer sports that compete with other colleges. Intramural sports are an option if one does not want to travel and compete. Also, it is a good opportunity to gather with friends, watch a good game, and show pride in one’s school.
After discussing both community colleges and four-year universities, they each have their own unique traits, but they do have some things in common. Community college is a flexible option to earn a degree to take classes at one’s own time. Four-year universities allow a student to be away from home and fully embrace themselves in their studies. Both give students huge responsibilities to take schoolwork seriously, but also learn, go beyond their boundaries, and expand their horizons.

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