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Jorge R. Sanchez, in this article “Economic Benefits of a Community College Education: Issues of Accountability and Performance Measures” focuses on a specific outcome: the economic benefits of a community college education. The importance of a two-year education is commonly overlooked. The way the government looks at wages directly correlated with higher education is sub par and needs to be enhanced.
In 20 states, the primary method for judging the post-college earnings of students has been to use information maintained by the state’s department of labor unemployment insurance wage record files. This is not a very accurate way of assessing wage earnings because there is vague questioning in the record files “some college”.
The opposing
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The author introduces the topic at hand in the first few paragraphs. He introduces his side of the argument in a strong tone, backing up his viewpoints with facts. Jorge also presents the counterclaim to his argument. He briefly introduces this and proves why the other viewpoint should not be recognized. Towards the end of the Chapter, the author introduces the way that the State’s Department collects evidence on the connection between salary and level of education. He elaborates upon how each state has a semi-different system and how the collect their data. The author kept myself very interested throughout the excerpt due to his usage of facts. Jorge presents multiple facts on the economic benefits of a two-year college. He also shows how and why counter arguments undermine and undervalue a two year college. They undermine a two year college because the way some of the states collect their data is insufficient in how they obtain the data of the correlation between education and a person’s salary. The reader of this paper is most likely a High School student looking into the benefits a two year college has to offer or a person in a Statistics class, learning how to obtain data, or it could also be someone from the state department looking to improve the ways that they collect their …show more content…
I was not very surprised on what information this excerpt revealed. The chapter touched base upon that students who acquire a two-year degree receive two times the amount of a salary than a person with a High School Diploma, this surprised me a lot. Two years of extra education can help a person acquire twice the amount of money in one’s life. That is an astronomical benefit of a two-year education at the college level. This author and I share common ground because I am thinking of attending a community college for 2 years. I also see in real life his statistics that e presents in the chapter. For example, Ken Erickson graduated from Northeast Iowa Community College with an Associate's Degree. He used this degree to work for Heartland Financial, a finance company in Dubuque, Iowa. Now he is worth millions of dollars due to the fact that his Associate's Degree qualified him for the job, with which a High School Diploma would have left him under

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