Essay on Analysis Of ' Two Years Are Better Than Four '

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In, “Two Years Are Better Than Four”, Liz Addison describes the importance of community colleges and how they have been helpful in providing quality education and experience to people of all backgrounds especially the people who belongs to minority groups and has a low standard of living. She responded to Rick Perlstein’s assumptions about community college coming to an end and being unable to matter anymore, with opposing statement, “My guess, reading between the lines, is that Mr. Perlstein has never set foot in an American Community College” (Addison, “Two Years Are Better Than Four”) and proves him wrong with reasons like anybody can easily join college and came out with life discovery experiences.
Being one of the students of a community college, I have experienced most of those that has been described by Addison in this essay and I would say community college does really matter to people like me who are looking for quality education at an affordable price with flexible college policies and flexible requirements. Community college is open to all of us as “the philosophy of the community college, and I have been to two of them, is one that unconditionally allows its students to begin” (Addison, “Two Years Are Better Than Four”), including people who are unable to further their education due to various reasons like low economic condition, huge competition for admission in university, undecided major for study, old age and so on. Some of the Universities have strict…

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