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Should College Be Free?
Over the past few years, the cost of higher education has become unbearable for most. The cost for an opportunity to become more educated is quite frightening. On average, public colleges cost $32,762 while private colleges are priced at $42,419 on average (Bridgestock, 2015). But community colleges, which should be complementary to the people of America, cost $16,325. Colleges should be more convenient and reasonable for the people of America. If a quality education was at least attainable to some, America as a whole would improve tremendously. As of today, only 30% of Americans who pursue college end up graduating, and this showcases a huge waste of time and money (Bridgestock, 2015). If students were not forced to
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By making all public colleges free in America it would roughly cost between fifty and thirty billion dollars, which may appear like a mountain of money, specifically taxpayers money; but the government is spending a substantial amount of money on profitable colleges which have extremely low graduation rates (Samuels, 2014). Higher education can be seen to improve the economy immensely. If all 18-24 year olds were enrolled and active in college unemployment would reduce by 2 million people (Samuels, 2014)! A higher educated America would also allow us to become more competitively economically and academically on an international level. Also a more educated work force and educated society would reduce criminal activity, and ensure greater success for the future of America. So, if college tuition were free, it would eliminate economic problems and allow our country to become more competitive, economically and academically, which would enable America to develop in an efficient and successful …show more content…
To attain a higher education, it should not be extremely difficult and it shouldn’t be financially burdening to those who have the drive and ambition to increase their knowledge and better their future. College education shouldn’t be free for those who just want to use it because it is free; but it should be requirements for people to experience higher education for free, such a GPA standards, a certain amount of credits, or even financial background could be incorporated. Anything which would be more reasonable than the college cost right now would be better for the people of America. As well as the points stated within this article, higher education will allow people to have a greater probability of pursuing happiness and

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