Why College Should Be Free For Everyone Essay

Why College Should be Free for Everyone
One of the things people think of when they think about college is the cost of attending. Many people I know, peers and parents alike, are going or have gone to college with the intention of using loans to attain the ultimate goal, their degree. If America is so progressive, then why hasn’t the cost of college been lowered instead of going up yearly? College should not force people to go into debt for the majority of their lives to get a degree. This may seem unrealistic to a lot of people. It also may seem unfair to those students who have paid for college, not just through monetary assistance like grants and scholarships, but also their mental energy as they figured how they were going to pay back extra
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It allows people to not just learn about the world around them, it also allows them to explore subjects that they may become interested in as they grow up. When kids are young, education is stressed to be their prime concern by their parents and teachers. They are right to do so. Education is a gift that keeps on giving if a person takes advantage of the opportunity. Kenneth Pennington writes in his article, “High school is free in the US College should be too”, “In the mid-1800s, Americans began to transition to publicly funded high school education for the vast majority [of] students. It must have been a daunting prospect at the time - paying for the education of so many children for such an extended period of time, transferring a potential workforce away from productivity for an investment like schooling.” If free education for all high schools could be achieved, even if it’s still being ironed out with it’s problems, then why not do the same for college education? College students should be given the chance to make the most of their …show more content…
People will sometimes determine that the cost of college is too much and not worth it. Students who do look at college are left to discover on their own with their parents how they are going to afford college if they decide to go. It can seem like universities are holding a person’s freedom to learn hostage unless they pay the fee to attend. College today shouldn’t be considered an alternative to working, but a necessity to further one’s own personal knowledge and also have a better chance at getting a career in a field that’s enjoyable to the student. In the article “College Free for All?” it says, The average male high school dropout might earn $24,000 a year. One with a four-year college degree might make $52,000, while an advanced degree could merit $67,000.” The benefits of higher education are vital to the livelihood of college students entering the workforce. States have tried to help students with the cost of colleges through the use of financial grants, especially merit-based scholarships. There are just not enough funds within these scholarships to make sure that students don’t end up in

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