Persuasive Essay: Should College Education Be Free?

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Does having free College education accessible to everyone make college more appealing? Would having free college education draw in more students to take classes? Would the percent of students graduating in upcoming years rise if schooling was free? Really no one knows the answers because college is far from being free.
Today the rising cost of a college education is alarming, after high school many students dream of being able to attend the college that they most desire, but very few of them can afford to gain higher education. So, should college education be free? Having college education be free to all can have many pros and cons to it, but student should have every opportunity to be able to attend college and better themselves as they choose.
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As The Washington Post states that, “That didn 't happen by presidential decree. It took populist pressure from the progressive movement, beginning in the 1890s, to make widespread access to free public schools a reality.” So why is the price for getting a college education any different? One of the big questions when applying to colleges is, what does the tuition that is required actually go towards. At any public school tuition not only goes towards the student 's education, but it supports many factors that go along with it such as housing, financial aid, student services, faculty compensation etc.. So without the support of the income from tuition how would college 's stay afloat? There has to be some kind of profit that schools make to stay up and …show more content…
New Republic is opposed to it saying “The main problem with free college is that most students come from disproportionately well-off backgrounds and already enjoy disproportionately well-off futures, which makes them relatively uncompelling targets for public transfers.” Many disagree, saying “College should be free to all students. Just like students have a right to elementary and secondary education, students should have a right to obtain higher education. If a person has a desire to learn more, they should not be forced to stop learning after high school due to a lack of money or connections” (Academic OneFile). Students that have been raised in the middle or lower class may not have the income, work, and time to support them in top well known colleges. Therefore, they are forced to attend community colleges and take classes as they fit into the daily schedules to get their degrees. “ Forty percent of our college students choose community college," Obama said. "Some are young and starting out. Some are older and looking for a better job. Some are veterans and single parents trying to transition back into the job market.” (Academic OneFile). Having Community College as an opposition does help time deprived students to get an education, but making all public college more affordable would give the students the choice of where they get their third

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