Free College Should Be Free Persuasive Essay

Free College Tuition in the US is Achievable and Necessary.
Topic: Why College Should be Free in the USA.
Attention Getter: Growing up, one thing was for certain in my life; I knew my family couldn’t afford to send me to college.
Purpose: To persuade the audience to find ways to promote free college education.
Importance to Audience: College education has become a necessity that’s hindering the future of growing generations.
Thesis Statement: College Education should be free.
Preview of Main Points: I will elaborate on the following three topics: the increasing rate in student debt, how other countries are benefitting from providing free college, and how we can achieve free college tuition in the U.S.
(Transition: First, I will
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1. On a survey conducted by American Student Assistance 35% of members said that buying daily necessities represents a challenge because they have student loans. (Lanza, 2016).
2. Recent graduates can’t afford to plan for retirement.
Subpoint: 70% of college students receive financial aid, yet they still resort to student loans.
1. Student aid costs the government $80 billion dollars a year. (Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities, n.d.).
2. The total student loan debt in 2015 made up $1.3 trillion dollars. (Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities, n.d.)
(Transition: Without a doubt, student loan debt is a rising danger to the U.S. economy. Now let’s take a look as to how some countries benefit from having free tuition).
Second Main Point: Although free tuition comes at the tax payer’s expense, countries have recent graduates contributing back to the economy at a faster pace than the U.S.
Subpoint: Countries like Germany, Finland and Sweden offer free tuition. Yet, their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) income doesn’t differ that much from the one in the United States.
1. Define GDP and why it matters.
2. Offering free tuition does not cause more government debt. (Explain with statistics from Nation Master,
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Talk about how they start investing more in their local economy. (housing, etc)
(Transition: We have discussed how free college tuition is beneficial for citizens and governments alike, finally let’s discuss how we can obtain free tuition in America.)
Third Main Point: Free College is possible and attainable in the U.S.
Subpoint: One way is to increase taxes for Corporate America.
1. Corporate companies have many options that aids them in tax reduction.
2. Tax reduction for pharmaceutical research is 20%. (Business Insider, 2011).
Subpoint: Another way is to start reducing interest rates of those already paying student loans.
1. More students could make their monthly payments.
2. Less would claim bankruptcy.
3. The trillion dollar debt would start reducing and eventually phase out. (Transition: I have discussed how student loans affect recent graduates, how other countries are benefiting from free tuition and how we can make it possible in the United States.)
Summary Statement: Rising tuition costs are leading to a financially unstable society. Other countries have implemented free tuition as a matter of human rights ad have proven that it’s possible through increased taxation rates. In the U.S., we can increase corporate taxes and reevaluate monetary spending and interest rates to start reducing tuition costs that will eventually lead to free college for

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