Free Community College Education Essay

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As the United States dives head first into the presidential primaries, social issues influence voters decisions and hold a significant weight over the future of many Americans, youths in particular. The debate over free community college education has been one dissected by politicians, educators, and concerned citizens to weigh out the benefits and challenges that reshaping an entire educational system entails. The process of transitioning our community colleges into offering free post-secondary learning has to include a well thought out program that addresses government spending and subsidies, state involvement, and the impact on the American citizens. I believe that through smart financial planning and the leadership of progressive, level headed government workers …show more content…
It includes “a new $60 billion program of two years free community college for 9-million student if all States participated” (Free Community College). 40% of students in the USA choose community college as their means of post-secondary education. Not only are these people young high school students that may have a lower average income, but parents, veterans, and older citizens that are looking to start a better life for themselves and their families. President Obama recognizes that an education is something that will allow prosperity among the average, struggling family. For parents who are barely able to provide for their kid(s), his program would generate a means to get back into the job market, and ultimately increase unemployment rates and the circulation of wealth between the rich and poor (Free Community College). Along with initiative from our president, more states are starting to think about free college independently, such as Pennsylvania and Oregon. Our nation is directed down the path of free college tuition, and is increasingly taking steps to put it into

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