Should College Tuition Be Free Essay

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Almost all public and private schools prepare students for college throughout their educational journey. However, most students often underestimate how expensive going to college can become. The rising cost of college tuition has become a burden for countless families and students. This rise in cost has made college simply unaffordable for numerous individuals across the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky. It is a shame that more people can’t attend college to be able to have a greater chance of living the American dream. College tuition should be completely free for qualifying individuals that want to further their education and receive a degree. Several countries such as Finland, Sweden, France and Germany offer free college not only to their …show more content…
Free tuition can be made available to students through grants from lottery revenue collected by the state government and expanding the current financial aid program. Money for free tuition should apply only to community colleges and public universities within the state of Kentucky. According to a recent CNN report, “Tennessee and Oregon have already made community college tuition-free using state funds from lotteries and enrollment has increased” (“Six Things”). Currently in Kentucky some lottery funds are used for educational expenses such as grants for college students to help cover some cost. If administrative and advertising cutbacks are made to the lottery that money could go towards larger grants for college students. Members of the Kentucky General Assembly must act to pass legislation like our neighbors from the south did to help cash strapped college students. Imagine if a plan like Tennessee was implemented in Kentucky, many more people could afford to attend college. My plan also would make students maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or higher and complete their degree or program of study within an allotted time frame. This would encourage students to study hard and perform well to keep receiving a free

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