Should College Be Free? Essay

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Free College One of the most common arguments in the political world, is should higher education be free or not. Five places in the United States offers free college: Point Lookout, Missouri; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Glen Cave, New York; New York City; and Haviland, Kansas. There are three reasons why college should be free for everyone. First, not everyone receives scholarships to help pay for tuition. Second, students who graduate will not have loans or debt when they graduate. Third, more people would go to college if it was free. Therefore, college should be free because not everyone is able to get scholarships, students would have less debt and loans when they graduate, and more people would go to college. To begin, college should be free because not everyone can get scholarships to help pay. Every year there are $46 billion given away in scholarships (Barr). In today’s world there are scholarships for almost everything. There is one for being of certain ethnicity, for playing a sport, for being a farmer, or even being a member of a certain bank. Even though there are endless options for types of scholarships they are only given to a certain amount of people who apply. One in every ten students in a bachelor program receives a scholarship (Get). “In a 2012-2013 school year for a undergraduate at a public 4 year school it cost $5,750, for a full time undergraduate at a private school it cost $15,680” (Barr). With today’s economics not everyone can afford that…

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