Analysis Of Free Community College Is A Bad Idea By Carol Roth

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Education For Everyone Education is something that everyone should be able to have. Knowledge is not something that should be for sale. Everyone should be able to have equal opportunity. This is why there should be no cost for receiving a college education. The general argument made by Carol Roth in the article “Free Community College Isn’t Free...and it’s a Bad Idea” is that saying that college will be free when it really won’t, and it will cause more problems and evidently not solve any current problems. She states that nothing is really ever free because there has to be someone paying for the programs that the schools are offering. In addition, Roth claims that the taxpayers will end up paying it off at large; as well as the supply and …show more content…
Although this topic might seem relevant to a select group of individuals, it should in fact matter to anyone concerned about the issue of the government causing more money to be taken from taxpayers. “Truth be told, we have myriad educational opportunities available online for an incredibly low cost- and in many cases for "free". With discipline, anyone can learn more on their computer from the comfort of their home” (Roth 1). This statement makes the author’s argument stronger because she is explaining that there are other options other than college that still offers quality education, and fairly cheap. This is strong because she includes it towards the end of the article to provide readers with options after she bashes the idea of free community college. All in all, it is my goal to try and persuade you to agree that everyone should have equal access to the same amount of knowledge. That way they can always make the decision to accept the free education if they think it fit for them, or they could do something else with their life that does not involve needing a college education. Free education means that there could be more job opportunities for people. There won’t be the struggle of having to put your life on hold in order to pay off student loans. You would be able to save more money and spend it on whatever you needed to make your dreams come

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