Essay On Why College Should Not Be Free

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School is a necessary system worldwide to invest in a society 's future. The primary argument as to why educational institutions should be free in the U.S. is not to give everyone the equal opportunity to education as stated by Lawrence (a professor of History emeritus at SUNY Albany) although it is one of the reasons, the primary reason is to increase the number of educated workers to hopefully improve our economy. It is stated that an “educated work force has become an essential component of economic growth and competitiveness (Student Aid Alliance). However, college tuition filters out those who are not willing to pay for their education and also funds universities so that they are able to function and upgrade their facilities. College should not be free because it would lead to tax raises, the value of a degree would decline, and the overall quality of the educational environment would decrease. Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator and Democratic candidate, is in favor of tuition-free public colleges and universities and states that “Too …show more content…
College does indeed cost a lot; however, expensive tuition is not an incentive to make college free. Andrew Kelly, the director of the Center on Higher Education Reform at American Enterprise Institute (AES) says that free college would lead to an increase in taxes and because of the increase in enrollments, the cost to implement this policy would increase even more (The New York Times). He also states that “Rather than spread scarce federal money across all students, policymakers should instead target those resources toward those who need it most” (The New York Times). In other words, tuition-free education should only be an option to those who need it, not those who are able to afford

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