Argumentative Essay Free College

Free College
A college education has become a necessity in today’s society. What if college was miraculously free. It would be like going to your public high school with out paying that horrendous tuition fee. A lot of people say that free college is a dumb idea because it could potentially flood the market, and Others think it’s a great idea though because more people would end up going to college because they don’t have to worry about financially paying for it. If there was a such thing of free college lower income students might reach graduation. Some students drop out because they do not have the ability to pay for tuition all four years. Amelia Josephson said, “Making college tuition free would eliminate this reason for not graduating.
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If we made college free for everyone we would be funding the rich. Families that have the money to pay for some or all of the cost of a college education might choose instead to take advantage of free college at a public institution. Amelia Josephson said, “In effect, the government and taxpayers would be subsidizing the rich. Critics of free college who point to this drawback often argue that a more targeted reform subsidizing college for the poor and the middle class would make more sense. They also point to the example of Brazil, a country with free college where wealthy students reap a lot of the benefits of tuition-free education at public universities.” We don’t need to be giving more money to the rich we need to be taking money from the rich to start helping out the poor more. Free college would cost a lot of money and the money has to come from somewhere. If America somehow changed and moved to a tuition free college where would we get the money from? Taxes are the number one way to get money from. College Raptor says, “Who gets taxed seems to vary based on who is talking, but it seems certain that the upper echelons of American society will see increased taxes if this passes. There is a likelihood that it will increase the upper middle-class as well. Or maybe it will all come from Wall Street speculation taxes. The point is, all we know is that someone will pay these dues through taxes, and the …show more content…
“If higher education at public schools becomes free, it might appear to devalue a college diploma. It might also lead to students cutting more classes or not trying because they don’t have to “get their money’s worth” when they aren’t paying for anything. The current price of college drives students to complete their schooling as quickly as possible so as to reduce debt. Without that financial drive, we might see more laziness and lackadaisical behavior from our students” (College Raptor). College would just be like high school everyone would go through it to be able to at least get a job. Jobs would be more demanding of a college degree because it would be free now. A college student’s success may decrease because they may feel its unimportant now. “Free college has the potential to undermine persistence. Currently, most colleges charge tuition when a student repeats a course. Let’s talk for a minute about the dynamics on a college campus. When faced with challenging and rigorous classes, some students will realize they are in danger of failing and play the “W” card. As in withdrawing from class. Depending on the grading system at the college/university, a “W” grade may not factor into the grade point average calculation. But withdrawing from a class has financial ramifications. At least until now. Once tuition becomes free, I predict increased abuse of withdrawing from classes. After all, the financial incentive to

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