David Hosansky: The Pros And Cons Of Community Colleges

Community Colleges
David Hosansky in his article about the idea of the federal government offering students with free tuition focuses on the impacts the program has on students. The proposal to offer government funded tuition to students that maintain 2.5 grade point may affect other community students who may be forced to drop out of college before they graduate. Hosansky points out that critics have argued that the plan initiated by Obama seems costly to implement and the middle class students may become the main beneficiaries of the program. Community colleges are regarded as institutions that are attended by the poor to help them through their four years in collage. Community colleges are important in enhancing higher education by increasing
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Community colleges are relatively less expensive compared to campuses and usually were founded to help students from poor backgrounds access the same services as students in other campuses. The degrees offered in community colleges are aimed at training students to meet employer requirements. Community colleges are significantly improving their graduation rates. When the proposal about offering free tuition in community colleges it was aimed at benefiting the whole nation. The program was to increase accessibility to college education. Community collages face a lot of challenges in offering education to its students. The federal government should offer free tuition to …show more content…
Vedder argues that free collage is an illusion because the funds used to support education in collages is paid by an individual. He points out it is imperative students to pay for the educational services they access in collages because they are the end beneficiaries. In his article, he acknowledges that any student from a middle class family can afford education. “But the true dropout rate is almost certainly greater than the graduation rate”(401). Vedder is critical on why free tuition should be introduced in colleges. He states that college dropouts are many compared to the number that graduates and the education level in collages is low compared to other institutions that offer post-secondary education. He states that the free tuition will not be useful because most of college graduates are working in areas that require high school diploma making the proposal become null if it is aimed at improving education. “Looking more broadly, the nation currently runs large federal budget deficits”(401). Vedder proposes that the government should focus on utilizing the resources available because free tuition in collage will not improve on the number of

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