Crime Rates Should Be Free Essay

A working class student, with so many loans and with so much debt. They feel that anything could be better than this. Many scenarios like this are common among younger students, most drop out or are engulfed in student debt they won’t be able to pay back in years. If two year college were free, then the public would be more educated. With free college the crime rates would lower and more students who wouldn’t have a chance or want to go to college now can. Two year tuition should be free for lower to working class students because of how far behind the United States is on education, statistics and proven studies to show the crime rates are lower when the general public is education and most importantly the overall good and benefits a quality …show more content…
Sometimes though government funding doesn’t always work out for poor students, they are often shamed in elite colleges because of the funding they have from the government. But what if all two year colleges are free to middle to lower class students? Then all students would be the same and should be able to get their degrees, meaning a more educated public. When people are more educated, they usually make more than those with just a high school degree. But some unable to stay the 12 hours a week finical aid requires in class because of jobs, usually resort to other ways of making money. For instance, selling drugs or prostitution. Recent studies indicate that “a poor education can lead to a steep increase in criminal behavior, and the expense of incarcerating an individual greatly outweighs the cost of providing an education for the same person.” (Education Voters Pennsylvania) Free two year college would help people get their degree while they work, so they can afford for a place to stay and a way to get to college. Crime rates would drop if two year college were free. People wouldn’t be out on the streets but would be in a library studying for their next big

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