Argumentative Essay: Should Community College Be Free?

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Low-income seniors in high school find themselves in between choosing the school of their dreams but being in debt or going to community college where the cost will be much lower. In Joanne Jacobs article, “Should community college be free?” she states the pros and cons that making community colleges free would have on students and on the country. While many people might say that making community college free would enable for more students to go to college to earn a degree. If community college were to be free then, community colleges would only become overcrowded by students, and students would only be settling for less simply because it is free than to be aiming to attend their dream college. Students should use the resources that are granted …show more content…
I wish the president could keep college costs down for universities.” Instead of the president helping those students who already attend a low-cost school, he should grant students who are going to attend schools where tuition and overall costs are much higher. Personally, I will be attending a private university where I will have to be debt much more than some of my peer that will be attending community colleges. Even though, I am attending a private university, it does not mean that I am not a low-income student. However, I will not personally make a decision only based on money, I will attend my dream school and although I might have debt once I have graduated, I hope that at least then I will have a stable job from where I will pay off my debt. Instead if the president were to help those low-income students as myself who were accepted into private or public universities and still decided to attend then they should be helped in that financial situation.
Over the years, continuation of school after high school has become an option. College should not be an option, instead it should be a simply the next step that is needed to be completed after high school. The continuation after high school should not be an impediment simply because of financial need situations. Students should be determined to use their resources such as the “Pell grant”, scholarships, and grants in which community college becomes free, instead the money should be given to those students that do not have the sufficient support because their school’s tuition is much

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