Education Is Free Essay

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Education is the future of our country, no matter where you go. Needing an education is a qualification to get any type of career. If the United States had free higher education, we would have more career driven students, less people having to work in starter jobs, and less fear of educational debt. Going to school is stressful enough without adding debt and work to the equation. People want to learn, to further their knowledge requires education, so why put a price on education if knowledge is free?
When choosing to get a higher education people are choosing to better themselves. Getting an education should be a choice to benefit our society than a privilege. “The belief that people have the right to a free education, whether primary
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(Robert 116) “In 2010, the government spent $35 billion on Pell grants, $10 billion on financial aid, and $104 billion on student loans.” (Robert 116). Even if the government chose to only have community college free, the costs would be covered. “Free public higher education could be greatly reduced by lowering the spending on administration, athletics, housing, dining, amenities, research, and graduate education.” (Robert 116). Now, taking these things out of schools will lower the costs, however they are also one reasons students go to college. Students want to get out on their own and live at school, play sports and meet new people. How will that be experienced if all higher education was free? Having a free education isn’t the perfect solution and it has its down sides but it is still progress. “The result is often poorly maintained infrastructure, big classes, hard to access professors and languishing students” (McCluskey) There are some downsides for taking these things out of schools making it cheaper, however if the free higher education was just for community colleges that could be a start. It could cause a significant jump in students attending, a waiting list, or even overload the teacher student ratio. There are lots of things to consider, but even with the jump in students they just have make sure there are plenty of teachers for the students that get in each

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