Argumentative Essay On Brown Vs. Board Of Education

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African Americans and education has always been a struggle. Over a hundred years ago, black people were not allowed to read or write because it was illegal for slaves to do, and if they were caught they were punished for trying to educate themselves. Their educational liberties were being seized from them, and when slavery was abolished they still had segregated schools. Despite that the law did allow them to attend school to educate themselves, the education system was still broken because of kids like Linda Brown, who is known for being associated with the case Brown vs. Board of Education. Linda was forced to walk across railroad tracks and take a bus to elementary school notwithstanding that her school was four blocks away from her house. …show more content…
I think it is due to the fact that it limits poverty stricken people to not further pursue their educational goals to higher learning. Throughout our life, education has been free since elementary until high school. Why should they cut us off? Is there an age limit to when you need to stop learning? If we are trying to better ourselves and achieve success, then why make a cutoff point. A college education isn’t free, and for those of us who can’t afford it are at a disadvantage. Some would say that if it’s worth pursuing then take the measure to achieve it by taking out loans. What people fail to realize is that, loans only dig people into more debt. Let’s say a man takes out ten thousand for four years each year to attend college. After he graduates, he is already forty thousand dollars in debt. He gets a dream job as a high school teacher, but more than likely, he want be making enough to pay off the debt immediately. Paying back that money could take years because on top of paying back that money he is also maintaining payments of other bills. He has to eat, have shelter, electricity, and other necessary things for survival. It boils down to a system that is broken by trying to imprison a person into tons of debt. It targets many of use with low income families to have no other choice, but to take the loans to at least have the opportunity to get a better life. Only the ones from higher income families have a chance to not feel trapped. The system is simply biased against poor individuals trying to better themselves. The system truly does devour poverty stricken people into a jail cell of

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