Grass Root Movement Essay

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After hundred year of the emancipation proclamation, the nation was still heading in reverse. The hope of freedom that was promised by the Civil War was widely vanishing, replacing by bigotry. The segregated society in contrast of race had become a reality, shining away from the Illinois congressman’s a “new nation”; it was rather a good old nation with its racist attitude. The widely practiced Jim Crow Law and dived but equal was not only threatening the south, but it was also reflecting fear and intimidation. The country fighting a war outside of home to liberate people from prejudice, was reluctantly refusing its reality. Freedom and equality were none existed in the country’s vocabulary, rather it took many lives and had to lose blood in …show more content…
Activist from many black churches and organization everywhere joined marching for equality. The sit-ins movement of 1960 had changed the civil rights movement, where it had successfully “lift the white-only policy”. Again, this movement also faced white intimidation, in which the protesters were harassed by white racist, and some were even killed. There were not only the southern states and white’s legislature, but there were also many President who were not willing to promote racial equality, unless they were forced to do so. President Kennedy was referring freedom rider as, “…Pain in the ass”’ threatening to embarrass him and the United States in the eve of his summit meeting with Soviet leader” (1090). The freedom rider was attacked many times, and the bus was burned. Soon, the incident followed by surprised attacked at their celebration with fire bomb. “The Church bombing and use of dramatic events that compelled Federal political action”.(Book). As mass mobilization and protest for equality gained immense popularity, it also forced government to pass new laws to end racial inequality. Although, the government had passed many law to end the social disparity, it was proven less effective to resolve the large inequality. “..racial discrimination and repression remained a significant factor in American life…the distribution of the nation’s wealth and income moved toward greater inequality during the 70s and 80s”(HISTORY CH). Later, the white resistance had used justice as a new way to intimidate larger black population. The racial profiling became a new way of intimidating black, where they were falsely prosecuted for the crime they have not even done. They also became the soft target of law enforcement and often mistreated. “The most egregious disparity is the way in which black are arrested for drug offense. Arrest rates are three to four times higher for black than for

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