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  • Pros And Cons Of Being A Registered Nurse

    patients and must know all history, diagnosis, information, medical records, and medicine dosage. Everything has to be correct because nursing negligence can lead to death of a patient. However, it is an interesting and challenging career to pursue. If a person chooses a career as a registered nurse, they can expect to: go to college and obtain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, get into a nursing program and graduate, go work in the nursing field and experience its pros and cons, and possibly specialize as a more advanced nurse. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a person may become a registered nurse by three ways: first, by going to a community college and obtaining an associate’s degree, second, by going to a university and obtaining a bachelor’s degree, or lastly, by going to a nursing program and getting a license (BLS). The first option is obtaining an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) in 2-3 years at a community college, which is the minimal education needed. The second option is attending a university and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) in 4-5 years, which is more advanced than an associate degree education. The third option is going to a nursing program and obtaining a license in 2-3 years. Although it is rare for a person to be admitted directly into a nursing program with just a high school education, it is possible, but only few nursing programs that accept high school graduates exist (EUREKA). Although there are three options on how…

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  • Is Honesty A Virtue And That The Truth Will Set You Free

    At my age, there are many things teenagers don’t think about; politics, future, and consequence. Unfortunately, at the time, I only thought about politics and my future. Fortunately, now I think about all three to a greater degree. In many cases, teenagers think about how to live in the now, they drink and smoke – I do neither because I practice total abstinence. In contrast to many of my peers, I focused a lot on my future. As a stereotypical Asian-American I focused on maintaining my…

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  • Rising Cost Of University Tuition Research Paper

    Attending community college has more than one advantage. It makes it possible for low income students to have the same higher educational advantage as their peers. It also decreases the financial burden of paying the high cost of university tuition for all 4 years. The last advantage is completing 60 units will result in earning an associate degree that will help students a higher salary that can be of a great assistance with university tuition. Attending community college is a great solution…

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  • Reflection On The Exercise Science Program At Manchester Community College

    for two years of my high school days. Knowing I will be in charge of my academic life at home will be tough because of how I will be using my time. I designed my schedule at school to fit my needs with work and home life. I am able to complete my classes Monday through Wednesday and work a ten-hour shift on Wednesday after class and Thursday all day as well. This is the tricky part, managing my time during the weekend. Having a girlfriend who is also in school to become a registered nurse,…

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  • Personal Narrative: Where To Attend College

    It can be overwhelming at times trying to keep everything together. If I can handle the challenges of it shouldn’t be a problem, for some like myself knowing the importance of how much it means I often ask myself should I drop out or continue I decided to stay because we all want to be successful and live in the Fruits of our labor. As I graduate in May, I can look back on it now and say how much I’ve struggled with how much I’ve endured in passing my classes, As I get my Associate’s degree in…

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  • Future Goals Research Paper

    I am a Brunswick County resident who was born in Wilmington, North Carolina, then raised all over Brunswick County, from Leland to Ash. This is my second year attending Brunswick Community College. My long term educational goal is to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition or Psychology. I haven’t decided which one I enjoy best at the moment. I plan on getting my Bachelor’s degree at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. But first, I am finishing up getting my Associate in Arts degree at…

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  • College Admissions Essay: The Teacher Who Changed My Life

    an A and focus on enriching myself as much as I can and become fully a Theory 2 student. I am going to college to be enlightened by many different aspects. It is a chance of exposure to many different cultures and fields which allows me to choose the one that brings me happiness. It allows me to see a world that I didn’t have access to while being confined within high school’s prison-like walls. Society in general expects us to know what we want to do and what path we should head down by the…

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  • Essay For Early College Program

    will graduate college at the age of 20 years old. I will be two years younger than most my graduating class. This will help progress me in life, and give me a jump start. Also, the financial help is huge to me. In my family, the burden of paying for college is placed on the children. I have a job, and a special bank account, and every paycheck that I get goes into that account to make sure I have money for college. But, if I got into this program, the stress of paying for college for two years…

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  • Patagonia Field Course

    1. Why are you interested in the Patagonia field course? Last fall, I was elated to transfer to Cornell from my community college in Ann arbor, Michigan, where I received my Associate Degree in Math and Science. At my previous college, I had so many incredible opportunities to learn about the anatomy, physiology, and obscurities of every phylum, through dissections and field work. As my knowledge and respect for wildlife and conservation grew, I was given the opportunity to be the cartographer…

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  • Why I Choose To Join A Community College

    You have applied for admission in a community college. You got the admission in that college. You have met the counselor and planned everything that you need for your major. But when you try to register for the classes, are you able to register for all the classes that you need? What if you don’t get the classes that you need for your major, because they were full? So what are you going to do if this is happening to you every semester? You don’t have to worry about that anymore-I have all the…

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