Essay on Is Honesty A Virtue And That The Truth Will Set You Free

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It is said that honesty is a virtue and that the truth will set you free. That may be true, but it doesn’t always lead to happiness and neither does a speeding ticket. At my age, there are many things teenagers don’t think about; politics, future, and consequence. Unfortunately, at the time, I only thought about politics and my future. Fortunately, now I think about all three to a greater degree. In many cases, teenagers think about how to live in the now, they drink and smoke – I do neither because I practice total abstinence. In contrast to many of my peers, I focused a lot on my future. As a stereotypical Asian-American I focused on maintaining my place in the top ten percent of my class; I focused on maintaining my High grades; I focused on obtaining my Associate’s degree in High School (which I received); I focused on going to school early. Out of all the things I could focus on, I failed to focus on most basic teaching in driving: speed. Like most people driving, we think about the destination and time. We hardly think about speed until something happens. That happened to me. In the first half of the 2014 (the area of the date I received my ticket), I woke up around 6 A.M. get ready and go to school. Every single weekday, I would do this and I would arrive to school early so that I can study, submit any paperwork, or talk to my academic advisor Monica Silvas about my plan to receive my Associates degree. I became a creature of habit. I focused on…

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