Argumentative Essay: The Consequences Of Speeding

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In society today, there are set laws that must be followed in order to protects citizens. One example would be the speed limit law, which saves lives every day. Driving above the posted speed makes you a more dangerous driver and increases your chances of being involved in an accident. Until this year, I had never received a speeding ticket. I have learned from this mistake. While thinking of all of the possible consequences that could have been placed upon my life or the life of someone else, or their family, I regret it. Speeding is not a habit of mine, but I know that it only takes one single moment of poor judgement to change yours or someone else’s world forever. The faster you’re going; the less time you have to react to a situation …show more content…
every month. Speed limit laws are not placed just to protect yourself, they’re also enforced to protect other people in their vehicles and pedestrians. Since you need more time to stop while traveling at higher speeds, say you’re going 50 in a 30 mph residential zone. A kid rides his bike out into the road; is there enough time to stop? Probably not. Say you were going the posted speed limit and there probably would have been enough time to slam on the brakes. Reckless and pointless speeding takes lives every day, and I would hate to have to feel that pain everyday of knowing I hurt someone by pure carelessness. The impact on a person in a crash at 60 mph is equivalent to falling from a four story building, while the impact at 100 mph equals falling from a twelve-story building. While you’re speeding, you have significantly less time to check your surroundings. When a driver is speeding, other drivers have a hard time telling how fast they are going. Even if you claim to be the best driver, even while speeding, what if a car pulls out in front of you? They were probably aware of the speed limit and thought they had enough time to go. What they didn’t know is that you were going 25 over. Next time I decide to speed; I will think of others’ lives. I will think of how I will have to face the family of someone I hurt. I will think of how I would live with

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