Binge Driving: The Causes And Effects Of Drinking And Driving

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Are you aware that approximately 25,000 people are killed due to drunk driving? In addition, alcohol is the number one factor in traffic deaths.(Gottfried 51) Not only teenagers, but adults, too, and even babies. Is drinking and driving still a problem for teenagers? That is a question most adults worry about, especially if their child(ren) is involved in a terrible car accident. That is one thing a parent does not want to go through. Many teens do not know how this effects people both physically and mentally. Families have lost a loved one due to drunk driving and this needs to stop. Alcohol can cause many harmful things such as liver damage, car accidents, death, and even depression. Alcohol is very harmful to your body. Most people don’t know what alcohol does to their body. If one person exceeds over the limit of alcohol, it can cause physical damage or effect your nervous system. Even though alcohol may not seem bad it can cause serious damage through out your whole body. Your liver can come in contact with two major diseases …show more content…
Binge drinking can result in violent behavior, high blood pressure, accidents, and alcohol poisoning. Young adults who attend college are more likely to abuse alcohol because they have more freedom, or simply because they wanna have fun for a change. Binge drinking mostly takes place on college campuses. Accordingly, black colleges and all women’s schools has a low rate of alcohol use (Gifford 93). The effects are, slow breathing, which can lead to slow rhythms of your heart and even death. Binge drinking is popular at college parties or any social events. Alcohol poisoning is almost similar to binge drinking. The effects of alcohol poisoning can go unnoticed if a drunk person sleep it off.Even though thats not the best way, it also keeps you out of trouble. You can die from it if you drink too much or you can lose conscious/ pass

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