Teenage Drinking And Driving Essay

Register to read the introduction… Every year more than forty-thousand people die in car accidents whether it is their fault or not. This number varies on all the deaths including adults, children and most of all teenagers. “There are about one-hundred deaths per day in the United States.” Most of these fatalities occur during evenings on weekends than on weekdays. In North Carolina the average deaths per year are one-thousand and forty-eight percent of that are due to impaired driving .There is a one-thousand percent change of how many people have died due to impaired while driving in the past two years. Teenagers take more than fifty percent part in the deaths due to drinking and driving (Tee drinking and driving. (n.d.). Retrieved November 1, 2013, from ). The people who are driving while being impaired are not the only ones that get hurt. The driver could die, the passenger could also. If there is a person you crash in to they could also die also it could be pedestrians or even bicyclist. Not only could they die they also have a high chance of ending up seriously hurt or even end up with some kind of brain or head …show more content…
Like said before when people drink and drive they are not only hurting themselves but others around them. When adults drink and drive they have a very high chance of wrecking . When teenagers drink drive they have an even higher probability to an accident than an adult due to the fact that they do not have very much experience behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. The age limit for drinking in United States is twenty-one .The consequences behind drinking and driving could be any of these, License could be revoked, in some states even if you are underage you could be arrested for drinking while impaired. Another couple of reasons are jail , juvenile time , death , for the driver the passenger a pedestrian or anyone around the situation, care could be totaled, could get seriously injured, spend a lot of time on fines and fees. Jail time will depend on the average of alcohol and the accident was provoked. There have been situation in the united stated that when teenagers drink and drive and had an accident brain injuries could be a great possibility. The situations that occur can harm anyone in any way there is

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