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  • Summary: The Trouble With Women In Computing

    women in computing is a great resource. Hence maybe why google is starting their initiative. The article I read was titled “The Trouble with ‘women in computing’: a critical examination of the deployment of research on the gender gap in computer science”. As the title describes that article establishes a known issue but doesn’t offer a solution or remedy to the problem we face. Instead it just present facts, such as trends about women in computing. One trend they established is that if the decline of women continues, than there will be now women studying or earning a degree in any form of computing by 2032. Looking at that statistic kind of scared me personally if I were to have a daughter I would want her to be in the computing field and be more than literate in it than the average consumer. Understanding how technology is being used and how it grows into the future, it will shape and control our lives to a major degree. Even today you can’t do almost any job without interacting with some form of technology. Today there is even a bill in congress that main point is to establish internet as a basic…

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  • Sandia Laboratories Case Summary

    for him to follow all principles of the ACM code if he wanted to protect the U.S. nation from hackers. Therefore, he has broken some principles by adhering others. In the Table 1.1 Adhered and broken ACM principles, adhered and broken principles of the ACM code by Carpenter can be seen. Adhered Principles of ACM Broken principles of ACM 2.1 Strive to achieve the highest quality, effectiveness and dignity in both the process and products of professional work 2.3 Know and respect existing law…

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  • Cybercriminal Crimes

    and only strikes at night. In modern times this is no longer the case. Many of today’s criminals cannot be picked out of a crowd. They are cyber criminals that can anonymously attack anyone from behind a computer (Vigoroso). These criminals can do anything from stealing some quick cash to stealing someone’s very identity. These types of crimes are on the rise worldwide and can leave victims financially crippled. Cybercrime is defined as “any illegal activity that uses a computer as its primary…

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  • Professional Vs Professional Ethics

    For example, before the passage of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 in the United States, government officials did not require a search warrant to collect personal information transmitted over computer communication networks. Nevertheless, even in the absence of a privacy law before 1986, computing professionals should have been aware of the obligation to protect the privacy of personal information.” This…

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  • Importance Of Professional Codes Of Software Engineering

    adopted their first formal Canons of Ethics. 2Professional engineers today, then, are expected to both learn about and live up to ethical standards as a condition of their membership in the profession.2 1.2 What are the professional codes of software engineering ethics? How do they actually help us to be ethical in our working lives? Answer Each professional society of engineers adopts and enforces its own codes of practice, including codes for ethical practice; in Appendix A and B below we…

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  • John Mauchly Essay

    John Mauchly pioneered the field of computer science and built the foundation for all modern computing with the creation of the world 's first fully functional digital computer, the ENIAC. The ENIAC, completed in 1946 at the University of Pennsylvania, occupied 1800 square feet, weighed 30 tons, had 18000 vacuum tubes, and cost about $5,000,000 in modern dollars (ENIAC Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia). John Mauchly originally conceived the ENIAC as a tool for statistical weather…

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  • Computer Science Career Research Paper

    Computer science is an excellent career choice because it deals with one of the fastest growing fields, computers (Smith). This career is constantly evolving, which makes the workplace stimulating and challenging. Computer science is changing the world we inhabit by making many advancements in computing. In the 1960s, computer science became an independent discipline; however, the study of the electronic computer was around prior to it (History). The development of Boolean algebra accelerated…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Real ID Act

    The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, the American Liberty Association, the Association for Computing Machinery, the National Council of State Legislatures, the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the National Governors Association are among those concerned.” (Daily Vidette, Kawanna.) With this type of outcry from the country, it has to make you wonder if its worth going the distance and putting the Real ID Act into submission. Of course, you have your reasoning’s…

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  • A Career To Become A Computer Software Engineer

    States, and over two-hundred thousand jobs are expected to arise by the year 2022 (“Software”). That, in turn, means that hiring rates for this job will be very high for the next few years, making it a great line of work for anyone interested in computer science. Job appeal does not stop at salary for computer software engineers. 8, 11, 9 They also enjoy average forty hour work weeks and work in comfortable, safe environments (“Software”). 13 Because they can work almost anywhere and they have…

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  • Popular Bookstore Ethical Analysis

    secret of competitors. 4.0 Conclusion Nasri (2012) explained that CI is conceptualized as process to monitor the competitive environment which is external data; information and knowledge with provide actionable intelligence that able to give competitive edge to organization. When dealing with CI, organization need to handle ethical and legal issues. Ethical issues are privacy, accuracy, property and lastly accessibility. Legal issues refer to Data Protection Act, copyright and trade secret.…

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