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  • My Fifth Strength

    various sports competitions. I obtain a consensus of the sport most people want to join and create a team on Additionally, I am the coach of my residence hall 's basketball, dodgeball, and volleyball team. I was elected president of American Medical Student Association at St. Edward’s University on April 28th, 2016 by previous officers based on meeting attendance, community service, contribution to the organization, and paying dues. As president of AMSA, I am responsible for delegating officer meetings, general meetings, and ensuring everything runs smoothly. I will also make power points for each general meeting, adjust responsibilities if reasonable, be in communication with AMSA advisor (Dr. Kopecki), make sure to communicate with student life (register organization), be in consistent communication with the entire team, and show personality to members! The American Medical Student Association is committed to improving health care and healthcare delivery to all people; promoting active improvement in medical education; involving its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine; assisting in the improvement and understanding of world health problems; contributing to the welfare of medical students, premedical students, interns, residents and post-MD/DO trainees; and advancing the profession of medicine. Community Service After collecting pull-tabs for about three years, I donated about six-thousand to the Ronald McDonald…

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  • I Want To Become An Obstetrician/Gynecist

    are a list of things that I can do in life. It also take time to find who you are. It may take time for others, but once you find something that you will love to do. The best thing to do is to work for it and if it is not what you plan it would be. Well, there will be another journey that you will go through and that just makes you grow as a person. My love for math and science all started in elementary school then later on in life I lost the love for it. I felt that it learning science wouldn’t…

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  • Antitrust Exemption In Sports

    whether these stoppages really were caused by the antitrust exemption. Now revealed is the problem that the antitrust exemption has caused not only by money but also by work stoppages. (Smith) Some other solutions explained by Mr. Fehr that could help the league from including the fact that players without contracts would be protected against the arbitrary imposition of greatly reduced contracts if the owners tie the law with court challenges. Also, he explained that it would tie the law to…

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  • Ethics Of SOCE Therapy

    would be used to treat or cure the disorder. However, in 1973, homosexuality was declassified as a disease by the American Psychiatric Association and removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders(Vider). Nonetheless, although homosexuality isn 't considered a disease anymore, the treatment, SOCE therapy, is still in full effect today.Now this is a perfectly fine fact for consenting adults who wish to engage in unnecessary psychoanalytic treatment, yet should a child…

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  • Mouth Guards Research Paper

    mouth-guards were primarily used for boxers during the early 1920s and 1930s to prevent a range of dental injuries, most notably cracked teeth. Known by their nickname of “gum shield”, mouth-guards were originally constructed out of gutta percha, wax, cotton, and yella rubber. In 1947, Los Angeles Dentist Rody Lilyquist constructed sport mouth-guards through the use of transparent acrylic resin and acrylic splints (Soleimani, 2015). The American Dental Association started conducting research…

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  • Encompass Nutrition: A Case Study

    As the sole business owner she is responsible for establishing and maintaining organizational culture (Buchbinder, Shanks, pg. 10). The mission of Encompass Nutrition is “to utilize nutrition to optimize everyday health and performance” with its goals “reflecting Christina’s desire to include a wide and comprehensive range of medical nutrition therapies, to embrace individuals with safety, acceptance, and guidance and to nurture healthy change (Scribner, C). Christina may be the sole business…

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  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (T1D)

    College student, Shannon is the older sister of Megan. Shannon commented on the major change that her family had to go through to make sure Megan stays healthy, “our family made several changes to our lifestyle after the diagnosis. The biggest change was our eating habits. We started purchasing low-carb foods, portioning out snacks, and we limited the amount of sugary drinks we kept in the house.” Shannon also stated that her family and her have to make sure that her sister is staying on top of…

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  • Personal Narrative: Missouri Western State University

    One of the toughest decisions of my life was deciding which college to attend because I had to leave my friends, family, and some of my belongings back home. When I was thinking about which college I wanted to attend, I was stuck between three choices: Missouri State University, University of Central Missouri, and Missouri Western State University. I knew whatever my decision was that it would have an impact on me immediately and for the rest of my life. I decided Missouri Western was the right…

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  • Dorothy Lavinia Brown Research Paper

    Brown served in the Tennessee House of Representatives for two years. During those two years, Brown introduced a bill to legalize abortions in Tennessee if there was any case partnered with rape or incest. During this time, Tennessee’s archaic abortion law only obliged if the mother's life was at risk. Her bill did fall because of the failure to obtain two votes. Brown also played an important role with the creation for Negro History Week, which expanded to Black History Month. By helping pass…

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  • Homosexuality: Nature Vs. Nurture

    taboo of being homosexual during their youth lead to false reporting fabricated by the part of participants. But prior male birth weight was correlated with the presence of antibodies that the mothers produced while carrying their sons, not from a lack of nutrition. So with the fore mentioned information being present, one could make the argument that it is possible to change the sexual orientation of an individual in utero or even after birth, the implication being that homosexuality is either…

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