Encompass Nutrition: A Case Study

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I had the opportunity to conduct a phone interview with Christina Scribner the owner of Encompass Nutrition located in Littleton, Colorado. The purpose of this interview was to further my knowledge on managing a nutrition related health practice. Christina is a registered dietitian and certified specialist in sports dietetics and eating disorders. She has a master’s degree in human nutrition and a minor in exercise physiology and pharmacology. I chose to interview Christina because of her extensive experience and diverse background. I particularly had an interest in her specialty in sports dietetics because that is my current desired path. I also have an interest in running my own practice.
Some of Christina’s accomplishments in her 25 years
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As the sole business owner she is responsible for establishing and maintaining organizational culture (Buchbinder, Shanks, pg. 10). The mission of Encompass Nutrition is “to utilize nutrition to optimize everyday health and performance” with its goals “reflecting Christina’s desire to include a wide and comprehensive range of medical nutrition therapies, to embrace individuals with safety, acceptance, and guidance and to nurture healthy change (Scribner, C). Christina may be the sole business owner and dietitian in her practice but she does take in 2-3 dietitian student interns a year. Christina says she takes responsibility for advising and mentoring them. She says in this way that her leadership style would be coaching style as she wants her interns to learn lasting …show more content…
Christina’s management strategy is simple, she creates a list of goals each year and sets out to accomplish them. She admits that financing and budgeting are her weaknesses. She allocates funds for business expenses and any travel plans she has for that year. She also allocates funds for rewards such as Starbucks gift cards for her clients and a lending library she keeps for her clients. Christina says she sometimes doesn’t get the books she lends out back but she knows that they will likely help them so it’s okay. She self-proclaims herself as “not a very good business person.” However she is learning every day.
I learned a lot from my interview with Christina but by far the most important take away message for me was that you really don’t have to know everything there is to know about running a business in order to be a successful entrepreneur. This has been something I personally have been struggling with as I have doubted my capability to be an entrepreneur. Christina made it very clear that she isn’t perfect and that she has her flaws but she is always moving forward and learning. This gives me confidence in my own path the entrepreneurship in the nutritional health

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